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Job Description And Average Salary Of Plumber In Nigeria

Salary Of Plumber In Nigeria

Installing, maintaining, and repairing pipes in commercial buildings like apartment complexes or residential residences is the responsibility of a plumber. To make sure renovations or new construction go smoothly, they work along with other construction experts including general contractors. This article will talk about the job description and average salary of plumbers in Nigeria. 

Primary duties of a plumber include: 

  • Reading blueprints and drawings to understand or plan the layout of plumbing, waste disposal, and water supply systems
  • Cutting, assembling, and installing pipes and tubes with attention to existing infrastructure (e.g. electrical wiring)
  • Installing and maintaining water supply systems

Plumbers put in and fix the water, gas, and other fluid-carrying pipes and fittings in residences and commercial buildings. Additionally, they take care of equipment like dishwashers and heating systems as well as plumbing fixtures like bathtubs and toilets. To make sure everything works properly, plumbers are in charge of installing pipes, valves, and fittings in residential and commercial buildings. 

Additionally, when necessary, plumbers examine plumbing emergencies and, if possible, remedy them. A successful plumber has to have worked with a variety of fixtures used in their trade. They ought to be able to locate problems within a system and fix them. Additionally, they must be able to communicate any issues effectively.

Plumbers work along with experts who install electrical fixtures, such as electricians. These people collaborate to make sure their job is sufficient to run alongside the others while keeping in mind how crucial safety is when the two systems are operating at the same time.

Job Brief Of A Plumber In Nigeria

To quickly complete a range of plumbing chores, from repairing leaks to installing pipes and HVAC systems, we are searching for an experienced plumber. A successful plumber needs to be well-versed in hydraulic systems. They are patient people with a practical mindset, manual dexterity, and the ability to work quickly and meticulously. Installing and keeping up systems that move water, waste, gases, or hot liquids in good working order is the objective.

Job Description Of A Plumber In Nigeria

  • Read blueprints and drawings to understand or plan the layout of plumbing, waste disposal, and water supply systems
  • Cut, assemble, and install pipes and tubes with attention to existing infrastructure (e.g. electrical wiring)
  • Install and maintain water supply systems
  • Locate and repair issues with water supply lines (e.g. leaks)
  • Repair or replace broken drainage lines, clogged drains, faucets, etc.
  • Repair domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) and fixtures (e.g. sinks) etc.
  • Install and maintain gas and liquid heating systems (air-conditioning units, radiators, etc.)
  • Install waste disposal and sanitary systems with well-functioning DWV systems

Requirements And Skills For A Plumber Job

  • Proven experience as a plumber
  • Solid understanding of water distribution and disposal systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings
  • Working knowledge of heating and ventilation systems as well as appliances
  • Ability to handle plumbing tools and equipment (pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, plungers, etc.)
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Friendly with a great deal of patience
  • Good physical condition and strength with the ability to work in awkward spaces
  • Diploma from a trade school or successful completion of an apprenticeship
  • Valid license to practice professional

Average Salary Of Plumber In Nigeria

Based on Salary estimates from 20 plumbers in Nigeria, the average salary of a plumber is 75,000 Naira. 

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