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Job Description And Average Salary Of Logistics Manager Jobs In Nigeria

Job Description And Average Salary Of Logistics Manager Jobs In Nigeria

Looking for a logistics manager job? firstly you need to know who a logistics manager is and the job description with the average salary of a logistics manager in Nigeria. We will give you all the information you need concerning logistics manager jobs in Nigeria.

Who is a logistics manager?

Logistics managers are professionals who are in charge of ensuring that their organization’s supply chain is efficient and successful. They plan, store, and track the distribution of commodities to guarantee that items and resources are delivered to the correct locations. Logistics managers are in charge of a company’s supply movement and storage. They develop routes to save money when processing cargo to meet budget targets.

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A Logistics Manager is in charge of a company’s supply distribution, movement, and storage. Their main responsibilities include monitoring budgets and processing shipments. They usually oversee a team of Logistics Coordinators, who are in charge of overseeing the company’s general supply-chain activities and receiving updates and information from the Manager.

Qualities Of A Good Logistics Manager

A competent Logistics Manager should have strong quantitative skills because they must track many products across their business. They will not be startled if the market changes or if other companies introduce new product lines. Because objects, goods, and processes change and adapt swiftly, flexibility is also required.

 Brief Of A Logistics Manager Job

Employers are always on the lookout for a dependable Logistics Manager who will be in charge of the supply chain’s entire management. Organizing and monitoring the storage and distribution of goods are among the responsibilities of a logistics manager. The goal is to manage the complete order cycle to boost corporate growth while also ensuring long-term viability and customer pleasure. 

Job Description Of A Logistics Manager In Nigeria

  • Strategically plan and manage logistics, warehouse, transportation, and customer services
  • Direct, optimize and coordinate full order cycle
  • Liaise and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers
  • Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs, and efficiency
  • Arrange warehouse, catalog goods, plan routes, and process shipments
  • Resolve any arising problems or complaints
  • Supervise, coach, and train warehouse workforce
  • Meet cost, productivity, accuracy, and timeliness targets
  • Maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements
  • Comply with laws, regulations, and ISO requirements

Requirements And Skills Of A Logistics Manager

  • Proven working experience as a Logistics Manager
  • Record of successful distribution and logistics management
  • Demonstrable ability to lead and manage staff
  • Proficient in standard logistics software
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and handle multiple projects
  • BS in Business Administration, Logistics, or Supply Chain

Average Salary Of Logistics Manager Jobs In Nigeria

Based on the Salary analysis of 40 people currently working as logistics managers, we can authoritatively tell you that the average monthly salary for Logistics Manager jobs in Nigeria is 237, 000 Naira. However, an entry-level logistics manager earns around 193,000 Naira monthly while a mid-level logistics manager earns up to 243,000 Naira and a senior-level logistics manager in Nigeria earns up to 255,000 Naira only. 

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