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Job Description And Average Salary Of Guidance Counselor

Average Salary Of A Guidance Counselor

Are you interested in Guidance counselor jobs, this post is for you as we will be taking a look at the job description of guidance counselors and salary of guidance counselor in Nigeria. 

Who Is A Guidance Counselor?

A guidance counselor is a specialist who works in schools or other educational institutions, giving students guidance on academics, relationships, and careers. In order to help their pupils develop their self-esteem and succeed in their future activities, they help them assess their students’ potential skills. Counselors in guidance assist students with social and emotional needs as they get ready for rigorous academic work. 

They undertake a variety of duties to enhance the lives of their students both within and outside the classroom. They pinpoint concerns that students have that are impeding their academic performance, such as absenteeism or behavioral issues, and they offer advice on decisions about academics and career choices by addressing any worries that children may have along the way.

For many students, guidance counselors hold the key to success. They assist kids in creating a strategy that fits their academic aptitudes and interests and promotes communication between all parties, particularly when there is a problem at home or at school. When working with students, they are in charge of some crisis intervention, but their main duty as a guidance counselor is education-based prevention.

A guidance counselor supports during events like field trips and dances as needed and encourages communication between parents, teachers, and administrators about behavior issues. Their dedication to the children and ability to meet their needs comes first.

Job Brief Of A Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors are being hired to assist and instruct primary or secondary school students through a carefully crafted counseling program. As a guidance counselor you will act as a catalyst for students to achieve their academic or career goals and help them grow socially and intellectually.  The objective is to prepare the students to become responsible, mature adults.

Job Description Of A Guidance Counselor

  • Develop and implement an all-encompassing educational and counseling plan with modern methods of teaching and mentoring
  • Foster equal opportunity practices and encourage students’ association
  • Pay attention to cultural or societal differences in dealing with the students
  • Conduct group or individual counseling sessions to assist students with problems or concerns
  • Assess students’ attributes (KSAOs) and help them realise their strengths
  • Evaluate the progress of students and reinforce the sense of accomplishment
  • Identify behavioral problems or at-risk students and act appropriately
  • Cooperate with parents and teachers as well as other interested parties
  • Complete assessments and tests, analyse results and provide feedback
  • Study and update student records
  • Prepare and present reviews on progress

Requirements And Skills For A Guidance Counselor Job

  • Proven experience as a Guidance Counselor or Teacher;
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to operate within a wide range of student personalities and backgrounds
  • Education in various models of teaching, best counseling practices and regulations
  • Excellent communication skills and high emotional intelligence abilities
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • MA degree in school or guidance counseling; guidance counseling credentials is a must

Average Salary Of A Guidance Counselor In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 7 guidance counselors, the average monthly salary for Guidance Counselor in Nigeria is 91,000 Naira. 

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