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Job Description And Average Salary Of Driver Jobs In Nigeria

Job Description And Average Salary Of Driver Jobs In Nigeria

Driving jobs are one of the easiest to get in Nigeria because it requires no university degree. However, some employers seeking to employ drivers may have their requirements for the job. 

This post will be taking a look at the job description of driving jobs in Nigeria as well as the average salary of drivers in Nigeria. 

A driver is a professional who transports people in a timely, efficient, and safe manner. Drivers design routes based on road conditions in addition to maintaining regular cleaning services for their car and handling payments on time each week/monthly cycle.

Drivers are in charge of delivering people or handling deliveries on schedule, and they may be required to work nights and weekends to fulfill their responsibilities. 

Drivers could be hired for personal or company purposes. Hence a driver can work as a personal driver or a company driver.

The following are some of the most common roles and responsibilities for drivers:

  • Transport clients and/or packages to and from destinations
  • Arrive at destinations on schedule
  • Fulfill administrative needs, like office pickups
  • Research and plan for traffic, construction, and weather delays
  • Use navigation applications to determine the best route
  • Interact with clients professionally at all times
  • Ensure that the vehicle is always fueled and ready for use
  • Arrange for vehicle repairs as needed
  • Keep mileage records and repair records up-to-date

Job Brief

Employers seek to hire drivers for transportation purposes in a comfortable, safe, and timely manner.

Driver responsibilities include arranging regular cleaning and maintenance services for the vehicle, planning each route based on road and traffic conditions, and managing payments.

Ultimately, a company driver can help increase customer satisfaction, making sure passengers depend on the company for their transportation needs. The same applies to the personal driver too. 

To be considered for this role, applicants should have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record with no traffic violations. 

Qualities of a good driver

A good Driver has outstanding organizational and time management skills, which aids in their work efficiency. 

They have excellent interpersonal communication skills, allowing them to form business and personal relationships on the road while adhering to safe driving procedures at all times.

Job description of a Driver in Nigeria

  • Map out driving routes ahead of time to determine the most expedient trip
  • Pick up clients or employers from the place and at the time they’ve requested
  • Assist clients or employers with loading and unloading their luggage
  • Listen to traffic and weather reports to stay up-to-date on road conditions
  • Adjust the route to avoid heavy traffic or road constructions, as needed
  • Answer clients’ questions about the area and local places of interest
  • Ensure the car seats are clean and comfortable for all riders
  • Schedule regular car service appointments and report any issues
  • Book car wash and detailing services to maintain the interior and exterior cleanliness of the car

Requirements and skills for a driving job in Nigeria

  • Proven experience as a Driver
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A clean driving record
  • Minimum visual acuity of 20/50 (or corrected to 20/50)
  • Familiarity with GPS devices
  • Knowledge of area roads and neighborhoods
  • Ability to lift heavy packages and luggage
  • Availability to occasionally take weekend and night shifts
  • A polite and professional disposition
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations (e.g. at rush hour)
  • A minimum of secondary school certificate 

The average salary of Drivers in Nigeria

Based on salary estimates of drivers across Nigeria, the average monthly salary of a driver in Nigeria is 50,000 Naira. 

However, some drivers earn way above that depending on where they work or who they work with. 

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