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Job Description And Average Salary Of Asset Manager In Nigeria

Salary Of Asset Manager In Nigeria

Asset Manager jobs are great entry-level finance jobs for fresh graduates. Looking forward to taking a finance job? you can consider an asset manager job. This post is aimed at talking about the job description and average salary of the asset manager in Nigeria. For those looking for asset manager jobs or curious about the job description and earning potential of an asset manager, Let’s find out who an asset manager really is.

Who Is An Asset Manager?

An asset manager is a financial expert that manages or invests assets in the stock market to expand their client’s financial portfolio. Finding innovative answers for customers with a variety of financial objectives, such as stock or bond investment, is part of an asset manager’s job description.

While the tasks of an asset manager might vary, they often concentrate on assisting their clients in achieving their financial objectives by creating financial statements, managing client portfolios, and locating investment possibilities that are specific to their clients’ requirements. On behalf of their clients, an asset manager will collaborate with a range of specialists. If a client’s portfolio contains real estate investments, this also applies to property managers.

What Does Asset Management Entail?

The main aim of asset management is to increase the investment portfolio’s value over time while keeping risk at a manageable level. Asset management is a specialized service offered by financial organizations. This service caters to high-net-worth individuals, governmental bodies, businesses, and institutional investors like colleges and pension funds.

Asset management has a dual objective which is to increase value and reduce risk. In other words, the client’s risk tolerance is the first thing to be discussed. Risk-averse individuals include retirees who rely on portfolio income and pension fund administrators who manage retirement assets. Any adventurous person, especially a young person, would wish to experiment with high-risk ventures. The majority of people who need asset management as a service fall somewhere in the middle hence an asset manager works hard to pinpoint that position for each client.

The asset manager’s job is to decide which investments to make or steer clear of to help the client achieve their financial objectives while staying within the bounds of their risk tolerance. Among the most well-known options for investing include stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, alternative investments, and mutual funds.

It is expected of the asset manager to carry out a thorough analysis utilizing both macro and microanalytical methods. This involves reviewing corporate financial records, statistical research of current market patterns, and anything else that might help achieve the stated objective of client asset appreciation.

Qualities Of A Good Asset Manager

To comprehend market developments and assist their employer in the stock market, a professional asset manager needs to have great math and finance skills because they deal with a range of clientele throughout the year, and they also require effective communication skills.

Job Brief Of An Asset Manager

Asset managers are being hired by asset management companies and private individuals to primarily help in the expansion of financial portfolios. As an asset manager, you may be required to work with other financial and investment experts and make suggestions and asset purchases on behalf of clients or employers.

Conducting risk analysis, creating financial reports, and creating strategies to enhance asset growth for clients are all duties of an asset manager. As an asset manager, you’ll collaborate closely with customers to develop their financial portfolios, comprehend market dangers, and create financial statements on their behalf.

Job Description Of An Asset Manager

  • Monitor asset performance and recommend corrective measures
  • Develop strategies to increase ROI and minimize risk and loss
  • Review policies and make recommendations for potential adjustments
  • Research relevant markets and identify trends and patterns
  • Collaborate with the asset management team, company analysts, and senior executives

Requirements And Skills Needed For An Asset Manager Job

  • Proven work experience as an Asset Manager or similar role
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and industry-related software
  • Strong financial background with experience in financial modeling
  • Strategically minded with strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Excellent organizational and managerial expertise
  • A bachelor’s degree in business or finance is preferred

Types Of Asset Management 

There are different types of asset management services. They are:

Financial Asset Management

 Financial asset management deals with managing the investment funds and accounts of clients as a single entity.

Enterprise Asset Management

This type of asset management only deals with fixed or tangible assets. An enterprise asset manager oversees the acquisition, processing, maintenance, and decommissioning of corporate assets. They also include other modules, such as inventory or materials management, and an asset registry coupled with a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS.

Infrastructure Asset Management

This type of asset management has the sole purpose of maintenance, rehabilitation, or regeneration. An infrastructure asset manager works with the administration of infrastructural facilities such as buildings, roads, power grids, waterways, ports, and bridges.

Public Asset Management

This deals with infrastructure assets except when dealing with facilities like hospitals, parking lots, airports, etc. It is a type of asset management that specifically handles public infrastructure. 

IT Asset Management

This type of asset management is concerned with the management and control of IT facilities (hardware and software). It provides an overview of the accounting, contract management, and maintenance processes for IT assets.

Fixed Asset Management

This deals with the management of fixed assets, including asset tracking, financial accounting goals, maintenance, and loss prevention

Leading Asset Management Firms Where You Can Start Your Career As An Asset Manager 

In Nigeria, the top 10 leading asset management companies where you can start your career as an asset manager are:

Asset Management Cooperation of Nigeria (AMCON)

Without a doubt, this is one of Nigeria’s first major asset management firms. AMCON, which was established in 2010 by the federal government of Nigeria in coordination with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has established itself as one of the top organizations for asset management for both businesses and people. Their main objective is to demonstrate the vertical structure of Nigeria’s economy. These assurances can be translated into professionalism, fidelity, equity, and honesty in all that they do.

Asset and Resource Management Company Ltd (ARM)

In Nigeria, ARM Asset Management Ltd. is a financial services provider that offers asset management, financial support, and securities for a range of investment opportunities. ARM provides a variety of financial services, including advice, investments, and even the purchase of stocks on the stock market.

Cowry Asset Management ltd

Another top-ranking, unique asset management firm in Nigeria is Cowry Asset Management Ltd. Since their founding, they have demonstrated that they are a valuable asset to others because one of their top successes is the satisfaction of their customers. They provide financial services such as investment banking, trading in securities, consulting, and real estate.

Cash Craft Asset Management

 Cash Craft is another major player in the Nigerian asset management space. They offer financial services to both private individuals and cooperative organizations. They provide a variety of services, including stock brokerage, security investing, and asset management.

Tower Asset Management ltd

Another top asset and financial services provider in Nigeria that has gained the confidence of thousands of people and businesses is Tower Asset Management Ltd. (TAM). They provide planning, financial advising, and portfolio management services.

Frontier Capital Alternative Asset ltd

This is an alternative asset management and debt resolution company that provides services relating to swaps and purchases.

FCSL Asset Management Company ltd

Another reputable asset management firm in Nigeria is FCSL. When it comes to financial management and advice, they have established themselves as among the best. This business helps people manage risk and find ways to invest or stabilize their money so they can get a good return.

Sterling Asset Management and Trustees Limited (SAMTL)

Incorporated in September 1985 as a private limited liability business, Sterling Asset Management and Trustees Limited (SAMTL) was formerly known as NAL Asset Management and Trustee Limited. Financial advising, leasing, and warehouse services are just a few of the financial services that SAMTL offers to both individuals and businesses as a financial management organization.

Forte Asset Management

Another top asset management company in Nigeria is Forte Asset Management Company LDT. This 2004-founded business has established itself as one of the best when it comes to managing financial services for clients.

Quantum Zenith

The tenth spot on our list of the top fund companies in Nigeria as of today belongs to Quantum Zenith Asset Management & Management Limited, formerly known as Zenith Asset Management. They provide a variety of financial services, including real estate, brand management, basic financial advice, etc.

Average Salary Of Asset Managers In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 2 asset managers in Nigeria, the average monthly salary for an Asset Manager in Nigeria is 322,000 Naira. 

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