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Job Description And Average Salary Of An Operations Associate In Nigeria

Salary Of An Operations Associate In Nigeria

A professional who performs various administrative duties in support of an organization’s business operations is known as an operations associate. In this article, we will be taking the job description and average salary of an operations associate in Nigeria. 

The primary duties of an operations associate include: 

  • Performing administrative duties, including answering phones and scheduling appointments
  • Assisting human resources with recruitment activities and creating work schedules
  • Supporting the operations manager with the enforcement of company policies and standards

The everyday administrative and clerical chores that support the organization’s operations are the responsibility of the operations associate. An operations associate is responsible for a variety of tasks, including supporting hiring efforts, assisting with payroll, and managing databases for the company. A professional operations associate needs to be very organized because they are in charge of handling a variety of administrative tasks for several divisions within an organization. An operations manager, who controls all operations in an organization and assigns schedules and duties as necessary, is one of the many professionals an operations associate will collaborate with.

Job Brief Of An Operations Assistant

To assist in business operations an operations associate is often hired to take on daily activities and administrative requirements. The duties of an operations associate include carrying out numerous administrative chores, upholding the company’s norms and standards, and supporting hiring efforts. As an operations associate, you will collaborate with multiple organizational departments to make sure that all administrative and operational activities are carried out as required.

Job Description Of An Operations Associate

  • Assist the Operations Manager in the daily management
  • Perform administrative tasks
  • Maintain schedule of operations
  • Cooperate with different departments
  • Assist in hiring and training new employees

Requirements And Skills Needed For The Job Of An Operations Associate

  • Proven work experience as an Operations Associate or similar role
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong computer proficiency
  • Experience with inventory management, database, or similar software is beneficial
  • Relevant training and/or certifications as an Operations Associate

Average Salary Of An Operations Associate In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 10 people who work as operations associates, we can authoritatively tell you that the average monthly salary of an operations associate in Nigeria is around 119,000 Naira. 

How To Become An Operations Associate In Nigeria

One of the first things to think about if you want to work in company operations is how much schooling you’ll need. Associates in business operations hold bachelor’s degrees in 73.1% of cases. We also discovered that 7.4% of business operations associates hold master’s degrees, which is a higher education qualification. Although most business operations associates hold a college degree, becoming one requires only a high school diploma. When looking at how to become a business operations associate, picking the appropriate major is always a crucial first step. 

When we looked into the most popular majors for a business operations associate, we discovered that bachelor’s degrees or associate degrees are what they most frequently obtain. Master’s degrees or high school diplomas are two additional degrees that are frequently seen on resumes for business operations associates. Your prior work experience can help you advance to the position of business operations associate. A lot of jobs for associates in business operations demand prior experience in a position like an internship. Many employees in business operations, however, have prior work experience in positions like administrative assistants or customer service representatives.

How To Get An Operations Associate Job In Nigeria

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