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Job Description And Average Salary Of An Executive Secretary In Nigeria

Salary Of Office Assistant In Nigeria

Are you interested in executive secretary jobs in Nigeria? This post is for you as it highlights the job description and average salary of an executive secretary in Nigeria. In the article, you will get vital information on the following:

  • Who an executive secretary is
  • Difference between a secretary and an executive secretary
  • Job brief of an executive secretary
  • Job description of an executive secretary
  • The average salary of an executive secretary
  • career prospect for executive secretaries

Who Is An Executive Secretary?

Executive secretaries are highly qualified individuals that provide administrative support to executives or management. They manage schedules, do research, and offer competent administrative support.

The primary duties of an executive secretary are:

  • Maintaining executive’s agenda and assisting in planning appointments, board meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Attending meetings and keeping minutes
  • Receiving and screening phone calls and redirecting them when appropriate

An executive secretary works with a company’s boss or another senior administrator to handle administrative tasks. When an executive or administrator receives a call from an internal or external party, this role is frequently the first point of contact. 

Difference Between An Executive Secretary And A Secretary

The tasks of both are the same, the only difference between them is that an executive secretary carries out senior-level duties as they work closely with the company boss or with a senior administrator to handle administrative tasks. 

Job Brief Of An Executive Secretary

They are hired to assist an organization’s top executives. The executive’s schedule will be organized and maintained by the executive secretary, and will also help them by carrying out several administrative duties. Secretaries to executives need to be nimble professionals with excellent time-management and multitasking skills. 

Executives can concentrate on their managing obligations without worrying about other chores because of their diligence and expertise in their work. An executive secretary ensures that all administrative tasks are completed promptly and effectively, the aim is to help the firm as a whole run more efficiently.

Job Description Of An Executive Secretary

  • Maintain executive’s agenda and assist in planning appointments, board meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Attend meetings and keep minutes
  • Receive and screen phone calls and redirect them when appropriate
  • Handle and prioritize all outgoing or incoming correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages, etc.)
  • Make travel arrangements for executives
  • Handle confidential documents ensuring they remain secure
  • Prepare invoices or financial statements and assist in bookkeeping
  • Monitor office supplies and negotiates terms with suppliers to ensure the most cost-effective orders
  • Maintain electronic and paper records ensuring information is organized and easily accessible
  • Conduct research and prepare presentations or reports as assigned

Requirements And Skills For An Executive Secretary Job

  • Proven experience as executive secretary or similar administrative role
  • Proficient in MS Office and “back-office” software (e.g. ERP)
  • In-depth knowledge of office management and basic accounting procedures as well as technical vocabulary of relevant industry
  • Familiarity with basic research methods and reporting techniques
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities
  • Integrity and confidentiality
  • Degree in business administration or relative field

Average Salary Of An Executive Secretary In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 10 executive secretaries across Nigeria, the average monthly salary for Executive Secretary in Nigeria is 95,000 Naira. Depending on where they work, entry-level executive secretaries earn around 50,000 Naira while a mid-level executive secretary can earn 98,000 Naira. A senior-level executive secretary can earn up to 200, 000 Naira monthly. 

Career Prospect For Executive Secretaries

In administrative career paths, an executive secretary is a high-ranking position, therefore previous work experience in an administrative assistant or secretary capacity is nearly always required. It is strongly advised that you have a bachelor’s degree in addition to this work experience.

Every day, executive secretaries handle high-level business activities, such as conducting research, communicating with key clients, and onboarding new employees. Executive secretary positions may not always require prior business experience or education, but it will be a huge advantage for anyone applying for a high-level executive secretary post. You can learn on the job and shouldn’t be discouraged from pursuing a career as an executive secretary if you lack prior knowledge of business operations or a degree in business.

How To Get Executive Secretary Jobs In Nigeria

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