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Salary Of Air Hostess In Nigeria

Job Description And Average Salary Of Air Hostesses In Nigeria

Air hostesses are in charge of ensuring that all passengers have a pleasant flying experience. They provide customer service, assure all passengers’ safety, and assist with other tasks as needed. Air hostesses must be able to multitask while retaining a professional tone. In the event of an emergency, they may also need to know how to perform basic medical operations. So many people that are interested in air hostess jobs are always wondering “what is the salary of air hostess in Nigeria?” In this post, we will be taking a look at the job description and salary of air hostess in Nigeria.

During a trip, air hostesses work in the cabin of an airplane, delivering food, beverages, and other services to passengers while also assuring their safety and comfort. They usually perform 8 to 16-hour shifts, which may include midnight and early-morning shifts.They may be expected to work on weekends and holidays. Air hostesses may be needed to work in multiple time zones and may be required to go away from home for extended periods. 

Air hostesses must be prepared to cope with problematic passengers, which can be stressful. An air hostess career can be both rewarding and thrilling. It’s a fantastic way to travel the world, meet new people, and learn about other cultures. However, you should think about all facets of this employment before making a decision. The company you wish to work for is one of the most crucial considerations. Some airlines have a higher reputation than others, so do your homework before deciding. 

You should also consider the type of plane you want to take. Some planes are larger than others, allowing for more passengers to board. This could have an impact on your day-to-day responsibilities as an air hostess. You should also consider the airline’s hub’s location. If the hub is located in a large city, you may have additional options to visit the surrounding area. However, if the hub is located in a remote place, you may not have much time to explore the area.

It’s also crucial to think about how many hours you’ll be working. Flight attendants on several airlines are required to perform long shifts with little or no breaks. So, if you’re looking for a more balanced lifestyle, search for a company that offers shorter shifts.There are a few options for promotion for air hostesses. Some air hostesses may advance to the position of lead air hostess, in charge of a group of air hostesses on a specific trip. 

Others may advance to purser, which is the air hostess in command of the whole cabin crew on a trip. Some air hostesses may be promoted to in-flight supervisors, where they are in charge of all parts of the flight, from customer service to safety. Air hostesses must have a few years of experience and outstanding customer service abilities to be promoted to these positions. They must also be able to deal with a variety of scenarios and think on their feet.

Job Description Of Air Hostess Job In Nigeria

Air hostesses carry out a variety of tasks, which are :

  • Meet and greet passengers as they board and leave the plane.
  •  Served passengers meals during flights.
  • Making alerts concerning emergency safety guidelines or other critical facts
  • Explain all safety protocols and equipment, such as how to use seatbelts, where exits are located, and how to utilize life vests, among other things to passengers before taking off.
  • Answering questions from passengers concerning flight schedules and other things
  • When people board, announce their names over the intercom system to greet them.
  • Assisting passengers with impairments or special requirements
  • Distribute blankets and pillows at the start of each flight

Requirements and skills for air hostess job in Nigeria

The following are typical requirements for air hostesses:

1 . Air hostesses are usually needed to have a minimum of a high school certificate. A college diploma may be required by some airlines. Many airlines prefer people with a background in hospitality, sales, or a related profession. Hospitality, communication, business, and marketing are just a few of the courses these applicants take.

2 . Air hostesses are often trained on the job by their bosses or other experienced air hostesses. This training assists the new hire to learn the specific procedures and requirements of the airline. Learning how to utilize the airline’s computer systems as well as serving food and beverages may be part of the training.

3 . Qualifications and licenses: Air hostesses can receive several certifications to help them perform better on the job and earn more money.

4. Air hostesses must be able to speak fluently with passengers, flight crew, and other airline personnel. They communicate with others through both verbal and nonverbal means. They also communicate through sending and receiving texts, answering phone calls, and sending emails.

5 . Customer service skills: As an air hostess, you’ll need to be able to provide excellent customer service. You should be able to communicate with passengers professionally and politely. You should be able to respond to questions concerning the airline’s policies and processes as well.

6 . Time management skills: Air hostesses must frequently manage their schedule to ensure that all of their tasks are completed on time. When it comes to preparing and serving food and beverages to passengers, this is extremely crucial. 

When it comes to takeoffs and landings, they must also be able to manage their time effectively.

7 . Problem-solving abilities: Air hostesses may face difficulties while executing their duties, such as when a passenger becomes unwell and requires medical attention. Other problems may include flight delays or cancellations, requiring the hostesses to devise alternate alternatives.

8 . As an air hostess, you may be required to alter your schedule or perform shifts that you had not anticipated. If a member of your original team is absent, you may need to adjust your responsibilities or work with a new team. Flexibility is a crucial ability for an air hostess since it helps you to adapt to changing situations while still doing your duties effectively.

The Average Salary Of Air Hostess Jobs In Nigeria

In Nigeria, airlines like Arik airline, air peace, Qatar airways, Ibom air pays their air hostess very well compared to others. Based on salary estimates from 2 air hostesses in Nigeria, the average monthly Air hostess salary in Nigeria is 246,000 Naira. 

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