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Job Description And Average Salary Of Account Officer Jobs In Nigeria

Job Description And Average Salary Of Account Officer Jobs In Nigeria

This post is centered around the job description and average salary of account officer jobs in Nigeria. Are you interested in applying for an account officer role? Keep reading as all the needed information about account officer jobs in Nigeria is covered in this post. 

An Account Officer is someone in charge of an organization’s financial recordkeeping and records. 

They are responsible for keeping track of transactions, payments, and expenses, as well as processing invoices. 

They also send out bills and invoices, track down delinquent payments, and double-check that a company’s invoices and payments line up by comparing the original document to the company’s records. 

Account Officers collaborate with other accounting experts such as Bookkeepers and Account Clerks to ensure that the company’s finances are appropriately recorded.

Qualities of a good Account Officer

Account Officers with excellent financial knowledge and management abilities are in high demand. 

Although a strong understanding of mathematics is required to accomplish the duties of the role, communication and management skills are also essential because many Account Officers supervise a team or collaborate with other bookkeeping experts.

What is the difference between an Account Officer and an Accountant?

Depending on the organization for which they work, accountants and account officers do some of the same tasks. 

Accountants and Account Officers, for example, supervise teams of financial specialists and verify that their company’s bookkeeping is correct. 

Their education and training, on the other hand, are vastly different.

Before taking the exam to become a Certified Public Accountant or CPA, accountants must have a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related profession.

Account Officers, on the other hand, do not need to have a four-year degree, but some do. 

Many Account Officers have experience in entry-level positions such as account clerks before being promoted to Account Officers.

An Account Officer’s main duty is to maintain a firm’s financial records, while the size and industry of the company may have an impact on their basic duties and responsibilities. 

Among their daily responsibilities are:

  • Creating and processing invoices
  • Cross-checking invoices with payments and expenses to ensure accuracy
  • Managing a company’s accounts payable and receivable
  • Sending bills and invoices to clients
  • Tracking organization expenses
  • Processing refunds 
  • Working with collection agencies on overdue payments
  • Communicating with clients regarding billing and payments

Job Brief Of An Account Officer

 An account Officer is expected to assist the organization’s sales team and give excellent customer service.

Prepares sales proposals, updates internal databases with client and contract information and performs market research.

 Strong communication skills and an interest in gaining sales are essential with some marketing experience. 

Finally, an ideal account officer will assist in the execution of successful sales programs aimed at increasing client involvement.

Job Description Of Account Officers

  • Craft new sales proposals and contract renewals
  • Schedule product demos
  • Contact customers via email or phone to answer queries or retrieve information about their account
  • Update internal databases (CRM) with account details
  • Perform back-office sales tasks to support Account Executives as needed
  • Research market trends and competition
  • Create reports on sales and marketing campaigns
  • Maintain digital and physical records of invoices and contracts
  • Address payment issues
  • Identify new revenue prospects

Requirements and Skills For An Account Officer Job In Nigeria

  • Work experience as an Account Officer, Account Coordinator, or similar role
  • Experience in customer service roles is a plus
  • Familiarity with Client Relationship Systems (CRM)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Time-management abilities
  • BSc in Marketing, Business Administration, or relevant field

The average salary of Account Officer Jobs In Nigeria

Based on Salary estimates from 356 people who work as account officers across Nigeria, the average salary for Account Officer jobs in Nigeria is 98,000 Naira. 

However, entry-level account officers earn as low as 85,000 Naira while mid-level account officers earn around 97,000 Naira. Senior-level account officers earn as much as 250,000 Naira. 

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