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Job Description And Average Salary Of A Truck Driver In Nigeria

Truck Driver Jobs In Nigeria

A Truck driver job is one of the top-paying jobs in transportation. Can you drive heavy-duty vehicles? If yes you can work as a truck driver. Start looking for a truck driver job near you today on Hubforjobs. This post will dwell on the job description and average salary of a truck driver in Nigeria. 

The primary duty of a truck driver is to safely deliver all types of items, including food and livestock promptly. Truck drivers transport commodities by truck across the nation. 

Their routes might be local or long-distance, depending on the fleet size requirements of a particular industry. Truck drivers are also responsible for the transportation of raw supplies and completed commodities over terrain to production facilities or retail distribution hubs. They must also conduct routine maintenance on their truck and check the mechanical condition of their car. Additionally, they need to design quick routes to get to their destination.

When making deliveries, a truck driver frequently works with an assistant known as a motor boy or conductor. They might, however, occasionally work alongside warehouse workers who unload and load goods into the trucks that the drivers drive. A truck driver can work with a logistics company, oil, and gas distribution company, or in the supply and logistics departments of companies. 

Type Of Truck Drivers

Dry Van Truck Drivers: Dry, nonperishable, and portable goods are transported by dry van drivers. A single rectangular trailer that is fastened to a semi-truck is frequently used to package and transport it. Since they are not expected to independently unload the cargo they transport, this role is a great place for beginning commercial drivers. Through the back door, the trailer is simple to load, and it doesn’t take much expertise to secure products securely.

Flatbed Truck Drivers: Tractor-trailers and flatbed trucks are distinct from one another in terms of design and load. Their open-air trailer transports bulky or oddly shaped equipment, automobiles, or dry products. To handle flatbed hauls, drivers need a certain level of expertise and experience. Chains, come-along, straps, tarps, and other items are often used to secure challenging goods, therefore flatbed truckers must be specialists in their use. Additionally, they require background information about the cargo they deliver. These kinds of drivers frequently receive higher pay because flatbed hauls call for more sophisticated expertise.

Tanker Truck Drivers: One of the most sought-after categories of truckers is tanker haulers. You transport liquids or gases in a cylindrical tank that is connected to a trailer as a tanker truck driver. The tank is held horizontally on the trailer beds, also known as flatbeds, which are typically referred to as a sort of semi-truck. Tanker drivers require specialized expertise, just like flatbed transporters do. Chemicals that can release into the environment and prove fatal are the responsibility of drivers.  Tanker truck drivers must therefore be quite knowledgeable about dumping liquids, keeping records, following the rules, and reading gauges. Not all tankers transport such delicate items. Some of them contain goods like milk or sugar. 

Long-Haul/OTR Truck Drivers:  From coast to coast, long-distance or over-the-road (OTR) truckers transport merchandise. When a trucker can’t complete their journey in a single day, they are referred to be long-haul drivers. Over a week may be spent driving on some journeys. Long-haul truckers, on the other hand, typically find the experience enjoyable. Two drivers may need to share a cab for lengthy OTR travels so they may alternate driving and get at their destination more quickly.

Refrigerated Freight Truck Drivers: Food items that need to be kept at a low temperature are transported by refrigerated freight trucks. Reefer trailers, commonly referred to as refrigerated trailers, can travel locally or nationally. To track temperatures and spot problems, reefer drivers require additional abilities. It might be required to make a few minor repairs to keep the cargo from spoiling. It’s critical to manage time and distance requirements, especially when hauling freezer units. These drivers make more money because reefer deliveries are so delicate.

Qualities Of A Good Truck Driver

No matter how minor they may seem, great truck drivers should always be on the alert for issues. They should make sure that their knowledge and abilities are always up to date. This makes sure that when something goes wrong, they can fix it on their own.

Job Brief Of A Truck Driver

Primarily, truck drivers are hired by companies to serve their supply chain logistics department in a safe and timely manner. Truck Drivers are responsible for driving the company’s commercial heavy-duty vehicles for a variety of purposes. In addition, they must be able to keep a record of vehicle inspections and make sure the truck is equipped with safety equipment.

Job Description Of A Truck Driver

  • Transport finished goods and raw materials over land to and from manufacturing plants or retail and distribution centers
  • Inspect vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance
  • Plan routes and meet delivery schedules
  • Document and log work/rest periods and kilometers spent driving and retain fuel/toll receipts
  • Input “macros” into our automated system for each stage of the loading and unloading process
  • Comply with truck driving rules and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking, and break periods) as well as with company policies and procedures
  • Maneuver trucks into loading or unloading positions
  • Collect and verify delivery instructions
  • Report defects, accidents, or violations

Requirements And Skills For A Truck Driver Job

  • Proven work experience as a Truck Driver
  • Hands-on experience with electronic equipment and software (GPS, AVL units, CB, etc)
  • Ability to drive long hours and travel regularly
  • Extensive knowledge of applicable truck driving rules and regulations
  • No recent moving or driving violations
  • Adaptability and foresight to handle unexpected situations (traffic, weather conditions, etc)
  • Willing to submit to background/drug checks and provide employment recommendations
  • Trucking school diploma
  • Valid truck driving license

Average Salary Of A Truck Driver In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 11 truck drivers across Nigeria, The average monthly salary for a Truck Driver in Nigeria is 93,000 Naira. However, experienced truck drivers can earn as much as 250,000 Naira monthly. 

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