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Job Description And Average Salary Of A Technical Writer In Nigeria

Salary Of A Technical Writer In Nigeria

A technical writer is a specialist tasked with producing documentation that makes the features and advantages of the product clear. They focus on things like content strategy and product scoping to make sure all the information is there for readers to swiftly comprehend what they’re reading. This article covers the job description and average salary of a technical writer in Nigeria.

The primary duties of a technical writer include: 

  • Producing high-quality documentation that is appropriate for its intended audience
  • Working with internal teams on product and documentation requirements
  • Writing easy-to-understand user interface text, online help, and developer guides

A technical writer is in charge of creating excellent documentation that is suitable for the intended readership. This involves collaborating with internal teams on the specifications for products and documents. In addition to job responsibilities, writing clear user interface text or online help content.

A technical writer collaborates with internal teams to comprehend the specifications for the product, as well as how they should be implemented through the user interface text/online help or developer guides, and they also build tutorials that make it simple for new users to use this application. Technical writers are renowned for creating high-quality, pertinent text that complies with regulations and aids customers in utilizing a variety of programs. From inception to completion, a technical writer can handle a product’s documentation, making sure that each document conveys the necessary information understandably.

Job Description Of A Technical Writer

  • Work with internal teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product and the documentation requirements
  • Produce high-quality documentation that meets applicable standards and is appropriate for its intended audience
  • Write easy-to-understand user interface text, online help, and developer guides
  • Create tutorials to help end-users use a variety of applications
  • Analyze existing and potential content, focusing on reuse and single-sourcing opportunities
  • Create and maintain the information architecture

Requirements And Skills For A Technical Writer Job

  • Proven working experience in technical writing of software documentation
  • Ability to deliver high-quality documentation paying attention to detail
  • Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable in text and pictures
  • Excellent written skills in English
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Basic familiarity with the SDLC and software development
  • University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent preferred

Average Salary Of A Technical Writer In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the average monthly salary of a technical writer is between 50,000 Naira to 70,000 Naira.

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