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How to Write Killer Resume

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The secret to succeeding in your job pursuit is having a killer resume. A compelling resume is like a flashy complimentary card, it draws attention to you, and invites the employer to take a second look at your application. That second glance is all it takes to get him hooked.

This morning’s recipe for job success shows you how to write a killer resume in four steps. They are:

1. Start With a Format that’s Easy to Navigate:

Choose the one that is the most suitable for your dream job’s industry. Generally, the reverse-chronological format is hailed as the best, because it is the most popular and highly favored among recruiters. Using this format, you list job experience and qualifications starting from the most recent, to older ones. The problem with this format is that it might not be very suitable for young school leavers with no previous work history. If you fall into that category, you should try the Functional Format, which places emphasis on skills acquired, over experience. It is also perfect if your dream job is more skill-based than experience-dependent.

2. Place Your Contact Information at the Very Top

Your full name, phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile URL, and personal website, should be included in your header. If your social media profile showcases work relevant to your dream job, as part of your personal brand, include links to it in your header. The only thing higher than this in your resume is the title. Use a professional title that clearly states the position you’re applying for, and nothing else.

3. Highlight Your Qualifications

Right underneath your header, highlight important qualifications like a doctorate degree, or an award of excellence received. Show off your worth and include your work experience underneath that. Include your previous job position, company name, time spent in that position, and notable accomplishments as well. Write a small summary sharing your soft skills and capabilities; use the keywords emphasized in the job description.

4. Outline Your Academic Achievements

Your BA or BSc degree should be stated here, alongside internship and volunteer experiences. Took an online course relevant to the job, in a bid to upskill? Add it here. Participated in a special project? Include that as well.

Pro Tips

You are allowed to include an additional section, where you clearly state relevant hard skills you have acquired, using bullet points. For a more personal feel, you can add your hobbies in this section, as well.

Remember that an ideal resume shouldn’t be more than a page long, so only add relevant information. It is not necessary to include personal information like date of birth, etc. Restrict your resume to contain only details you can share with the public. Be sure to tailor your CV to match the specifics of your dream job, in your summary, your values should mirror that of the brand/company.

Finally, after creating your resume, take a break and return later for proofreading. Get rid of typos and grammatical errors, and check that your words and expressions blend perfectly.

If your resume is to be uploaded online, don’t forget to employ SEO keywords for better visibility. There’s your recipe, it’s time to get cooking. You are welcome.

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