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How To Write Application For Hotel Jobs In Nigeria

How To Write Application For Hotel Job In Nigeria

When looking for a hotel job in Nigeria, you may need to understand how to write an application letter. Even though hotel employment appears to be among the most plentiful in Nigeria, hotels continue to seek qualified hotel personnel. When it comes to landing a work at a hotel, your abilities are quite important in determining whether or not you are hired. Regardless of the position, you’re seeking, a hotel employee is required to have specific abilities to provide excellent service to clients.  Hard skills are vital when it comes to gaining a successful career, but soft skills are even more important. You are here probably because of your interest in hotel jobs. This post is centered around making you fully understand how to write application letter for hotel jobs in Nigeria.  

If you want to get a decent hotel job, you should include the following soft skills in your application letter:

  • Communication abilities
  • Attention to detail.
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Confidence.
  •  Strong sense of accommodation.

When it comes to applying for a hotel job, your experience is just as crucial as having a wonderful attitude and soft skills. Employers prefer to hire job candidates who have prior experience in the position and the hotel industry as a whole. When writing your application letter for a hotel job in Nigeria, be sure to highlight the skills and experience that qualify you for the position. With an outstanding application letter, you can persuade the company that you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Before we take you through writing an application letter for a hotel job in Nigeria, we want to be sure you what an application letter is.

An application letter is a formal document that a job candidate sends to an employer in response to a job opening that the firm has advertised. Typically, the application letter is delivered with other documents such as educational certificates and qualifications.

How To Write Application For Hotel Job In Nigeria


You must begin by properly introducing yourself while writing an application letter for a hotel job in Nigeria. You must introduce yourself in a way that demonstrates your enthusiasm and desire for the work. Your potential employer will be eager to hire you if you show enthusiasm about what they do as well as about the organization. You should demonstrate that you know a lot about the organization in the first paragraph of your application letter.

State your qualifications:

While it is important to mention your hotel experience in your application letter, you should also discuss the qualifications that make you the greatest candidate for the job.

Flaunt your personality:

When it comes to getting a job in a hotel, your personality is quite important. Working in a hotel is all about giving guests a memorable experience. In your application letter, try to include or make your individuality come through.

How To Structure Your Application Letter for a Hotel Job in Nigeria

Your application letter should follow this structure:

Contact Information And Date:

When drafting an application letter for a hotel job in Nigeria, be sure to include your contact information and the date at the top of the page. Your contact information should usually be in the top right corner of the letter, while that of the company should be in the top left corner. You should also provide a date at the end of your contact information.


Before you begin writing about your qualifications and skills in the body of your letter, you should first greet the person to whom you are writing. By adding MR/MRS to the receiver’s last name, you can address them professionally.

Explain why you are writing the letter

After a professional greeting, you can go ahead and explain why you’re writing the letter. Simply say you’d like to apply for the advertised position in the hotel (or whatever the title of the position is) in their company. After you’ve declared the letter’s goal, you can go on to describe why you believe you’re the ideal candidate for the job. You begin offering facts about your experience working at a hotel in the second paragraph of your application letter, as well as some relevant skills you have that make you stand out. You go on to expound on the abilities that make you the best applicant for the role in the third paragraph of your application letter. You should tell the company that you are looking forward to getting interviewed in the fourth paragraph of your application letter. You can also state how you plan to follow up on the letter and how long you expect to wait for a response if you do not receive one. You should thank the reader for taking the time to read through your application in the final paragraph of your application letter.

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Application For Hotel Jobs In Nigeria

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