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How To Write Application For A Security Job In Nigeria

How To Write Application For A Security Job In Nigeria

Security guards or personnel are unquestionably among the most crucial workers or employees in any company. 

Every company wants to ensure that its products, equipment, and even employees are safe.

Without the assistance of security professionals, corporate organizations, households, and other institutions cannot ensure the safety of lives and property.

Organizations, as much as they require the services of security officials, also desire to hire security officials who have been trained to do the job, given the risks associated with the position.

If you are a trained security official, you may rest assured that you will find work because security officers are in high demand. 

There is a high need for qualified security people, but there are also a large number of trained security personnel looking for work in Nigeria.

This post is for you if you have trained as a security officer but don’t know how to write an application letter for a security job in Nigeria.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of writing an application letter for a security job in Nigeria, step by step.

How To Write Application Letter For A Security Job In Nigeria

When writing an application letter as a security officer in Nigeria, make sure to include all of the necessary information that would persuade the business to hire you.

When it comes to hiring a security guard, businesses want to know that job applicants have the right abilities and training. 

Employers value talents such as monitoring, attention to detail, and so forth.

Employers prefer to recruit trained security men and women in addition to having the necessary abilities. 

As a result, the training you’ve received will have an impact on your work qualification.

So, while writing your application letter, it’s a good idea to mention the training you’ve received that qualifies you for the position.

How the application letter should look like

Date and contact information 

When drafting an application letter for a security job in Nigeria, be sure to include your contact information and the date at the top of the page.

In most cases, your contact information should be in the top left corner of the letter, and the companies should be in the top left corner. You should also provide a date at the end of your contact information.


Before you begin writing about your qualifications and skills in the body of your letter, you should first greet the person to whom you are writing. By adding MR/MRS to the receiver’s last name, you can address them professionally.

Make your intentions known by stating the purpose of writing the letter

After addressing the recipient professionally, you can proceed to explain why you’re writing the letter. Simply say you’d like to apply for a position as a security officer (or whatever the title of the position is) in their company.

Your letter’s first paragraph

After you’ve declared the letter’s goal, you can go on to describe why you believe you’re the ideal candidate for the job.

Your letter’s second paragraph

You begin offering facts about your experience working as a security officer in the second paragraph of your application letter, as well as some relevant training and certifications that may contribute to the company’s security being strengthened.

Your application letter’s third paragraph

You go on to expound on the abilities, certifications, and training that make you the greatest job applicant for the role in the third paragraph of your application letter.

Your application letter’s fourth paragraph

You should tell the company that you are looking forward to getting interviewed in the fourth paragraph of your application letter. You can also state how you plan to follow up on the letter and how long you expect to wait for a response if you do not receive one.

Your application letter’s final sentence

Thank the reader for taking the time to evaluate your application in the final sentence of your application letter.

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