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How to Search for a Registered Company on CAC’s Portal.

Fraudulent job offers are increasing at an alarming rate. Jobseekers are being scammed every day. One of the ways to make sure that a job offer is authentic is to check that the hiring company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Just looking up the company’s name on social media is no longer enough; fraudsters have upped their game and even create social media accounts and websites equipped with a logo and an “about us”. In this article, I will be showing you how to search for a registered company or business using the Nigerian CAC’s online portal.

Step 1.

Go to

Step 2.

Click on the Public Search icon

Step 3

Input the full name of the company and the office address if you have it.

The full name of the company, official address, and RC number would be displayed in the search result if the company is registered. This quick check is free and does not require payment of any fee.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the official body responsible for keeping a record of the activities of companies and businesses in Nigeria. This is why all legitimate companies and businesses are required to register with the CAC.

However, some companies could be registered with the CAC and still go on to scam job seekers. That a company’s details appear on the CAC’s database is not a guarantee that the job offer is scam-free. Remember that registering a business with the CAC only costs ten thousand Naira, and can be done online, so anybody can register their business.

Further Steps You can take to Ascertain the Authenticity of the Company Include:

  1. Confirm from friends or connections living in the same area as the office address provided, that the company exists.
  2. Check that the contact information provided in the job listing includes a registered company e-mail address and not a free e-mail account like or a personal e-mail address.
  3. Scrutinize the company’s website address for funny characters like commas, question marks, exclamation marks, and the like. An official website should not contain any of those.
  4. Check that the company’s website is secured; the URL should begin with HTTPS

It is important to mention that a business may not be registered on the CAC platform, but still be 100% legitimate as in the case of new companies/small businesses. You can go further and check if the company has been reported for fraudulent activity using or

Now you know how to search for a company or business on CAC’s online portal to check that it is registered, there are some obvious signs to look out for in job postings that serve as scam alerts.

Red Flags to Look Out For Include:

A vague job description.

If you cannot pinpoint the skill requirements or responsibilities of the role in the job description, the company must be a fraud. A more obvious red flag when it comes to job descriptions is bad grammar.

An Over-promising “About Us” or Over-impressive Reviews

A company that sounds like a jack of all trades is not just a master of none, it is not legit at all. If you feel like the company is “doing too much” that’s because they are trying to convince you of a non-existent authenticity.

Benefits that Sound like Bribes in the Job Advert

“This job is fully remote, the pay is NGN15,000/hour, you will be paid on off days and sick days, you get merit bonuses for faster delivery of articles, paid vacations…” If it looks too good to be true, they are trying to lure you into a trap; it is most likely a scam advert.

Take Home

The internet is a free space and there will always be scammers lurking around to leech off your cash or use your skills for free. Always do your research on the company before you apply for or accept any job offers; do not be hasty to say yes to job opportunities that sound sketchy. Job hunting online has its risks just as it has perks. I hope you find this helpful, stay safe.

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