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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Personal Branding

Personal branding has become a necessity to grow and stay relevant in the digital world. A LinkedIn profile has proven to be a great tool to build an online personal brand. LinkedIn regularly adds features to the platform, to increase its marketing capabilities. Here are some tested and trusted ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile, and get more exposure for your personal brand.

1. Use a Clear Headshot as your LinkedIn Profile Picture

First impression matters and the first thing most people see when they view your profile is your picture. Ensure that you are looking directly at the camera in the picture, and your face takes up at least 60% of the picture. This doesn’t suggest that the picture should zoom in on your face, there should be some distance between the top of your head and the top of the shot. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, so selfies and Snapchat-filtered pictures are discouraged. It is also important that the picture is of great quality.

2. Customize your LinkedIn profile URL

This way, people can find you easier online. All you have to do is; go to your profile, click on the pencil icon to edit your profile, select the same icon next to your profile URL, and enter your name without any spaces. Save to effect changes.

3. Use a Customized Background Photo

A background photo is the second most important visual on your profile after your profile picture. Most persons use an e-complimentary card as their background photo. You can edit your background photo by going to your profile settings and selecting the edit option on the created space.

4. Write a Catchy Headline

Use high-value keywords that are most likely to pop up in searches. Avoid using complicated words or expressions that are less likely to be used by your target audience. In the same vein, you may want to stay away from overused adjectives when crafting your headline. Words like “experienced”, “passionate”, and “certified” are so commonly used that your profile may be lost in the sea of profiles that will pop up in searches.

5. Customize your Contact Information

When you include contact details, your profile is likely to be more visible. For further optimization change the default contact tags to reflect relevant keywords. For example, you may change a website tag to My Website. You can customize your contact details in your profile settings. Simply click on the pencil icon beside the contact info title to get started.

6. Write a Summary in your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn summary is the best place to showcase your storytelling skills. You shouldn’t leave the space blank, nor make it about just your past work experiences and skillsets. Try to sell your personal brand by highlighting the impact you make on people’s lives with your skills in your summary.

7. Connect and Network

It is common knowledge that people with a larger network on LinkedIn have more visibility. However, simply sending out multiple connection requests is not enough to build a personal brand. Connect with your network to build long-lasting relationships with people that could give good recommendations about you, and bring great referrals your way.

8. Highlight Relevant Skillsets

Scroll through the lists of skills particular to your industry and highlight the ones that are relevant to what you do. Your listed skills give credit to the headline and story you have provided in your profile.

9. Fill in the Services Section

Services is a new LinkedIn feature that helps freelancers and consultants spotlight the services they have to offer. Filling out this section can boost your visibility and increase your brand’s exposure.

10. Request Endorsements from your Network and Clients

This is why listing out your relevant skills is important. Endorsement from past clients and reputable members of your network attests to your credibility and expertise. It also boosts your visibility in the space. Make sure to manage your endorsements properly, to ensure that they emphasize relevant skills more than others.

11. Take Skill Assessment Tests.

When you ace a skill assessment, LinkedIn rewards you with a badge that will be shown on your profile. The badges are like LinkedIn’s official endorsement of your skills. Statistics prove that professionals with verified skills have a higher chance of getting job roles. You can retake the tests more than once, in case you don’t ace them on your first try.

12. Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations are equivalent to testimonials. They are customized sentences that illustrate people’s experiences working with you. If you volunteered for an organization and are convinced that you did a good job, reach out to them and request a recommendation. Good recommendations can also come from members of your network that you have executed a project with, or past clients.

13. Showoff Important Certifications.

Not only do certificates prove that you have been well trained in a particular area of expertise, but they also showcase that you have a passion for growth and learning.

14. Celebrate your Wins and Achievements with Your Network.

You just got a job? Share it. Did you hit another milestone in your project or volunteer with an organization and achieve great results? Tell your network all about it. Sharing progress in your career or learning process communicates your passion and dedication to your job.

15. Post Relevant Content

Share relevant content with your network on your feed. Tutorials, advice, and insights on topics you have great knowledge of will attract engagement. Sharing motivational posts once in a while also works. However, your content should revolve around what you want your brand to be known for.

16. Engage other People’s Posts

Like and share posts that you find valuable, and leave meaningful comments. The share with your network feature on LinkedIn also lets you share your opinions of other people’s posts with your network.

17. Follow Relevant Experts in your Industry

Mentorship is a key contributor to growth. It might not directly influence your visibility, but it gives context to your LinkedIn profile and helps you learn from others.

18. Stay Consistent.

The LinkedIn algorithm rewards consistency with more visibility. Also, building a brand requires consistently saying and doing those things you want people to associate with your brand.

Take Home

One of the greatest perks of the digital space is that it is so much easier to build a personal brand online. Leverage social media and consistently showcase what you do, and you would be attracting job offers, instead of chasing them.

I hope this article inspires you to do more for your personal brand, have a great day.

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