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How to Land your Dream Job in Nigeria

Hub for Jobs | Find the Right Job Vacancies in Nigeria

With an ever-increasing number of unemployed and underemployed Nigerian graduates, landing your ideal job in Nigeria appears to be more challenging than ever. In reality, landing a good job in Nigeria has become a career in and of itself; only those who have mastered the skills and methods can do so.

Job opportunities in Nigeria look to be dwindling, thus only the most qualified job seekers will be able to land their ideal positions. Looking at the current state of work in Nigeria, it appears to be worse, with millions of fresh graduates leaving the university on a daily basis, making the job market even more competitive and difficult.

Despite the current work scenario in Nigeria, it is still feasible to locate your dream job.

You may be ready to go headfirst into a job hunt or you may have been looking for months with no luck. Because of the economic downturn, many people are clinging to their employment, despite the fact that more graduates are entering the workforce.

Having work is one thing, but getting your dream job brings a deep sense of fulfillment and assurance. It makes you happy and fulfilled.

Today, I’m going to show you a step-by-step approach that you may use to find your dream job, even if you’re seeking NGO jobs in Nigeria.

Over 20.9 million Nigerians are unemployed, according to these figures. It’s no surprise that one of today’s students’ biggest issues is the worry of not getting a job.

After all, you worked so hard in school to earn at least a second class upper, but it appears that most government schools make getting a first-class almost impossible, not because no student deserves the honor, but because it is almost the norm in Nigerian universities to make certain grades difficult.

After enduring all of this, these kids are now faced with unemployment. The fact that there is a widespread belief that there are no jobs does not imply that there are none. Some folks are still able to find good work. We can agree that knowing the proper people got them there for some, but in a few cases, we observe how those who achieve exceptional outcomes have corporations queuing up to offer them a job.

Here are a few things to note to land your dream job in Nigeria:

1. Prepare

If you wish to work in Nigeria, you must first prepare to work. You won’t just stumble upon a job; you’ll have to go out and look for it. These pointers will assist you in your job search.

Discover your passion: As a newbie, you must first discover your passion before beginning your job search. It is critical that you identify what you genuinely enjoy doing as a person. Pay attention to your hobbies and things you can do without having to be trained to do them to uncover your passion.

Finding your passion can assist you in deciding on a career path.

Develop skills: Acquiring talent is essential in today’s job environment. We’ve found that the majority of job postings in Nigeria are skill-based vacancies based on current job opening patterns. Employers are looking for candidates who can offer value to their organization. Getting a skill as a recent graduate is a great way to get ready for the future.

Prepare to begin a career route: Many recent grads lack a career path and are unsure about the path they should choose. Every job applicant should have a clear idea of the career route they wish to take. Your job search will be more focused and precise if you have a professional path.

2. Search

When looking for a career in Nigeria, you must make several selections. Job hunting is much more than simply looking for and applying for any job posting you come across on the internet. When looking for a career in Nigeria, keep the following suggestions in mind:

When should you look for a job in Nigeria?

As a student or a recent high school graduate, you should not wait until you are unemployed and desperate to begin looking for work. It is preferable for you to begin looking for a job while you are working or doing anything else since it allows you to be calmer, and it also allows you to negotiate a better wage and other advantages to assess whether you can accept the offer or not.

The optimal time for fresh graduates to begin looking for work is during their final semester of school.

What is the best way to look for job openings?

Many job seekers in Nigeria have difficulty knowing how to look for employment openings. It’s nearly impossible to find work when you can’t even find the most recent job postings in Nigeria.

You must understand how to search for job vacancies in Nigeria in order to find your ideal job. The methods listed below are advised for looking for job openings in Nigeria.

Network: Make connections with people who are already employed and tell them about your future plans. Professionals can also be found on social media sites such as, Facebook, and others. Learn how to utilize LinkedIn as a networking tool to land your dream job by following the advice in this guide.

Visit Nigerian internet job boards: One of the simplest ways to find the current job openings in Nigeria is to look for them online. In Nigeria, there are online employment portals that publish the most recent job vacancies. On a daily basis, employment portals such as post the most recent verified jobs and also Jobberman. As a result, finding a job is significantly easier for recent grads and starters. Beginners can effortlessly search for and apply for desired job roles.

What types of jobs should you apply for?

Before applying for jobs in Nigeria, you must first decide what type of work you want to accomplish. If you have a marketing degree or an interest in sales as a recent graduate, you should only look for and apply for sales/marketing-related positions. If you’re a novice, it’s better to look for internship opportunities and entry-level positions rather than applying for jobs that don’t fit your qualifications and talents.

What is the quality and effectiveness of your search tools? (CV and cover letter)

Effective job search tools are one of the most important instruments for getting your dream job. Your CV and cover letter are your search tools as a job seeker. Your CV and cover letter, as we’ve always mentioned, are your personal branding and marketing tools. As a result, a strong CV can help you come closer to landing the job of your dreams.

If your resume or cover letter doesn’t stand out, you’ll probably end up at the bottom of the pile. Nobody has time to be bored by insignificant things.

A dull CV and cover letter, no matter how much experience or education you have, are unlikely to pique an employer’s interest. It should be a top priority for you to learn how to write an amazing CV.

Your CV is your most important document. Because a CV is to a job seeker what a cutlass is to a farmer, it’s a useful tool for job seekers. Your prospects of landing a good job are minimal if you don’t have a solid CV. Your CV should be able to sell you. Consider using this approach to help you write a winning CV.

When looking for a job in Nigeria, the cover letter is another vital search tool that every job seeker should consider. A strong cover letter will help you land the job of your dreams in Nigeria. You can use a cover letter writing service to help you develop the perfect cover letter that will help you land the job.

Get access to jobs that aren’t publicly advertised

Accessing hidden employment is one of the smart strategies to acquire a job in Nigeria. If you are obsessive about job ads, it may take you a long time to find work in Nigeria. It is vital to realize that not all employees in Nigeria are listed; in fact, more than 60% of well-paying positions in Nigeria are not published. As a result, as a job seeker, you’ll need to understand how to find hidden jobs.

When applying for a job, follow the instructions carefully

Even something as minor as failing to follow directions can keep you from landing your dream job. So, before submitting a CV or application for a job, read the advertisements attentively to gain a better knowledge of what is required and anticipated of you.

You must perform the following in order to gain access to Nigeria’s hidden jobs:

Participate in career discussions and pitch yourself to potential employers.

Register with staffing firms.


Use social media networks to your advantage.

3. Landing the job

You’ll need to take some calculated actions to secure your desired job in Nigeria. After you’ve written a strong CV and cover letter and been invited for an interview, the next step is to prepare well for the interview in order to land the position. The interview is your chance to sell yourself to your potential employer and persuade them that you are the best candidate for the job.

Prepare for interviews: Because a good interview performance can help you land that long-awaited job, it’s critical that you prepare well for your interview. You can use our job interview checklist to double-check your work and ensure that you will do well in the interview.

When looking for a job in Nigeria, the ideal mindset to have is to constantly be ready and willing to contribute. Always anticipate what you are willing to offer to the firm rather than what you will receive from it. Employers value personnel who are always willing to contribute to the company’s success.

Look forward to gaining new knowledge

We all know that having the proper experience required for the specific work function is one of the most important criteria in acquiring a good job in Nigeria. You should constantly make an attempt to gain the essential experience as a recent graduate. Taking advantage of internship and volunteer opportunities in Nigeria is a great way to get experience.

Internships and voluntary work allow you to learn on the job while simultaneously accumulating experience. As a recent graduate, it is not advisable for you to sit around and do nothing; instead, be open to career guidance and take advantage of internships and volunteer opportunities.

Searching for a job in Nigeria can be exhausting, especially for recent grads, but with the correct job search skills and expertise, you can find a good career in Nigeria without waiting years.

Following these few tips listed above can help you land your dream job in Nigeria.

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