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How to Follow Up On a Job Application

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The most frustrating part of the hiring process for a job seeker is the waiting period. Did I get considered? Was my resume impressive enough, or did it get tossed aside? Should I have added more skills or less? Was my cover letter not convincing enough? How do I follow up on this job application???

Dear candidate, you have to give the recruiters enough time to review your application. Especially if the job description was compelling, you couldn’t have been the only person interested. Relax, they’ll get round to you in due time. However, if more than a week has gone by with you still playing the guessing game, it is perfectly okay to do some follow-up.. Here’s how to follow up on a job application, if you ever feel ghosted by a company.

  • First things first, be sure that you are allowed to do that. Some recruiters will state in the job description that they do not want to be contacted by you, except you’ve been reached out to via mail. Some might even go as far as giving a date when you can expect their response. If your dream employer falls into any of these categories, you have to patiently wait for them to reach out to you. Keep your options open while you wait, and consider other job postings. If the employer did not state any of these conditions, you’re in the clear. Here’s what to do to follow up on that job application.

1. Reach Out to the Job Poster

Most platforms share the contact info of the job poster, alongside the job posting. On LinkedIn, the icon “reach out to the job poster” takes you directly to the direct message of the person. It is most likely the hiring manager, but if it isn’t, you can then request for the hiring manager’s email address. You can also ask any questions you have about the job.

2. Follow Up on the Job Application Via the Company’s Website

Just in case the contact information of the hiring manager wasn’t shared on the platform, go directly to the company’s website. Most likely, the hiring manager’s email address will be shared on the official job advertisement on their website. Other important information regarding the job requirements that may not have been shared on the job board, will be shared on the website as well.

3. Draft a Polite Email for Follow Up

Now that you have the hiring manager’s email address, send a polite email stating your motive; to follow up on the job application for your dream position.

Here’s an outline for the email, to guide you:

  • Greet and address the hiring manager by name
  • State the time you made the application and what position it was for. Ask for a response date.
  • Share how you will be of value to the company, playing the role of your dream job. For example; I am sure becoming part of your team as the { your dream role} my skills in {state your skills and experience}, I will {share what value you can deliver that’s relevant to the company’s services}
  • Let the hiring manager know that you are available for personal meetings should further investigation be necessary, as part of hiring protocol.
  • Close with a formal subscript and append your signature.
  • Include links to your portfolio and contact information.
  • Keep the follow-up email simple and short.

4. Request for a Follow Up Phone Call

Ask the hiring manager for permission to call in his free time, and schedule the call on a time and date that is convenient for you both.

What you should say on the call is fairly similar to the content of your mail. Introduce yourself, remind them of your interest, and how you can bring value to the company in that role. Offer to show up if any additional information is required of you.

5. Wait For Feedback

Not what you wanted to hear, I know. However, you have sent a follow-up mail on your job application, and even made a call to that effect. Now you wait. You don’t want to get too creepy and spam the hiring manager with ceaseless calls or emails. That would get the company’s attention all right, but it would be to make sure that you never get the job. You don’t want to have a bad reputation in the corporate world.

6. Follow Up on Other Job Postings

You might not want to hear it, but if a company doesn’t give you feedback after your job application, they’ve most likely already made their pick. And while some companies would be thoughtful enough to send you a rejection mail, some others can not be bothered. Brace yourself and move on with your job search.

Job hunting is like a game of chess, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win. The take-home is to keep showing up and submitting applications, you’ll get it one day.

A pro tip for following up with a company that you really want to work with: Alongside your follow-up email, send a freebie. They might just reach out to you when they recognize your value. Best of luck!

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