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How to be the best candidate for a job

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There are so many people out on the streets in search of jobs on a daily basis. With unemployment as a factor to be considered in most economies, job hunting will always be a factor as well.

Organizations are always in need of the right fit for certain positions and people are always in search of jobs.

Changes are made in organizations and policies are changed, this could result in laying off current staff and looking for those who will fit the vacant position.

While some rightly say that there are no jobs, that statement may not be entirely true. Because just as people are laid off daily, people fill those vacant positions.

Job seeking might be tough. Regardless of the difficulties that job searchers experience, there is one simple reality to remember when looking for work and it is that businesses want to hire you.

Employers want to hire people, unlike what a lot of people say or think. They are more likely to hire you if you possess the exact credentials, skills, and abilities required for the job and to thrive.

Companies don’t just hire for the sake of hiring, it costs them both time and money to recruit people, they sure do want to get it right.

Job seekers have a role to play in being the best candidate for the job even with so much competition. How then does one become the top choice in the midst of many?

There are steps to follow in order to be the best candidate for the job, they include but are not limited to the following;

1. Research on the Organization. If you are hoping to land a job in any organization, you should carry out detailed research about the company. 

This goes beyond just knowing their name, their location, and what they specialize in. You should make an extra effort in knowing their mission statement, vision statement, policies, and organizational culture.

You will most likely be working with them and knowledge of all these won’t only give you an edge at the interview, but will also give you a jump start when you get the job.

Also, when you arm yourself with such knowledge, you know how to answer some interview questions that may be thrown at you. Don’t limit yourself in your research, find out as much as you can.

2. Let them see how you qualify for the position. Employers won’t hire you because you need a job or because they just want to help you. They are in business and they won’t want to hire a liability, who is someone that would take more from them.

They want to hire someone who is not just fit for the role but will bring in good rewards for their decision.

You must sell yourself properly, why should it be you they hire and not another candidate, what value will you add to the company? What will you do differently?

3. Submit a resume that emphasizes achievements. While it may be good to sell your skills and all you can do, do not dwell there on your resume. 

Show what you have achieved in the past and your previous employment. Employers don’t just want to know what you can do, they want to know what you have done to see if you can replicate the same thing for them.

They want to see how your experience can benefit them if they eventually hire you.

4. Make a case for your soft skills. Employers place a premium on abilities including communication, writing, and reading comprehension.

While possessing other skills might be good, don’t play down your soft skills. If you have any and you are sure that you have them good, then put them on the table.

Let your employer know you have such skills, do not try to be humble. If you have it, sell it. That may just be what will get you the job, be confident with it.

5. Be ready to learn new skills. The skills you used at your previous job may not be the same requirement for the job you are applying for.

It is important that you learn the necessary skills that are required for the new job, you want to be both qualified and also equipped with the necessary skills for the new job role.

If employers see that you have the skill for the job, they will most likely pick you.

Don’t assume that your skills are enough, research the job and see the skills required and get them to be even more qualified.

6. Return calls quickly. You will likely be contacted by the company or a recruiter. If for some reason you were not available to take the call, you should return the call as fast as you can.

There is no time to waste for some recruiters, they have a lot of options to choose from and it can be tasking. You don’t want to make it any easier for them by disqualifying yourself as a result of you not returning the call on time.

Be responsive, it is part of selling yourself.

7. Be readily available for interviews. This might be tricky because you might have a job and a work schedule. But you should be able to find a way to make yourself available for the job.

Making yourself available for interviews demonstrates both flexibility and a strong desire for the job.

8. Be punctual. Beyond just job seeking, one needs to always be punctual. When there is a schedule for an appointment or an interview, do everything you can to show up on time.

Some organizations value punctuality, imagine setting yourself up by showing up late at your interview. By all means, be punctual even if you have every reason not to.

Being punctual establishes you as a reliable person, which is an intangible but extremely valuable attribute.

9. Be enthusiastic. Employers can detect the distinction between those who are just searching for employment to pay the bills and those who are truly enthusiastic about working for them.

For one who is enthusiastic about a job role, if the candidate falls short in some areas, as long as there is a desire to learn, employers can easily consider such a client.

As you prepare every document and build up other areas, don’t forget to build enthusiasm. 

10. Work on your online presence. It is a social media age and what one does on social media has a lot to say about them.

Some employees have lost their jobs as a result of things they posted online. Don’t be ignorant and think that it does not matter, it does matter and you should consider having an appealing online presence.

Employers have your details and can easily search for you online to see what you share, just to be sure of your kind of person or character.

Work towards removing any content that could jeopardize your chances of landing a job.

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