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How to Answer the “Why Should We Hire You?” Interview Question Perfectly

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The scariest part of a job interview is when the interviewer asks “Why should we hire you?” The question is often phrased as “Why do you think you are the best fit for this job?” The adrenaline that shoots up in your nervous system at his question can leave you tongue-tied. In your head, you are probably screaming, “Because I need a job and I can do this work!” But you can’t tell the interviewer that – remember that in an interview, your reactions matter as much as your answers.

First of all, do you think you are the best fit for the job? Then here are 5 ways to prove it to the interviewer.

1. Highlight the Skills you have that are relevant to the Job Role

Before applying to the company, conducting extensive research is essential. The research will help you uncover what exactly the company is looking for. When answering the “Why should we hire you?” question, you want to paint yourself as the solution to the company’s crisis.

Hence, as a reply, you should highlight the specific skills you have that are most relevant to the job role in the company. A generic sentence like “I have the relevant skills needed to excel in this role” doesn’t cut it.

For example, for a fashion company that is looking to hire a Senior Content Writer for their blog, you want to highlight not only your amazing web content writing and editing skills, but also active listening skills, good research skills, leadership skills, and a spot on sense of fashion. All the applicants for the job role are already great content writers with leadership skills – you want to stand out. You should tailor the skills you highlight to the company’s needs.

2. Communicate How Your Values Resonate with the Company’s Culture

Replying from this angle, the plan is to show how well you’ll fit in with the team. This takes the focus away from the job role and places it on the company. Hiring managers want to be convinced that you won’t opt out in no distant time because there is a clash of interests. It also helps to communicate your enthusiasm to work with the organization.

For example, if you are applying for a Project Manager Role at a gaming company, sharing that you are a gamer yourself automatically sets you apart from other candidates. The secret is to use special terminologies and slangs particular to the gaming industry while you talk. The same goes if you are a crypto enthusiast vying for a Social Media Manager or Data Analyst role at a crypto company.

Sharing similar core values with the company also comes in handy to prove that you are the best fit. If the hiring organization is in the health industry, for example, your empathy and concern for mental health would score you brownies points.

Top Secret: Companies will hire you and equip you with relevant training if they are convinced that you are a member of the tribe. The exception to this is if the position is an urgent hire.

3. Emphasize Any Additional Skills or Qualifications You Have that will accelerate the Company’s Growth.

The goal is to convince the company that hiring you (not anybody else), will make their life easier. You can showcase this by stating any additional skills or qualifications you have. These skills may be related to the job role, but not directly relevant.

A technical writer with knowledge of programming languages and coding for example already stands out. In the same vein, knowledge of UI/UX Design will score you brownie points for a Product Manager role. Other examples include SEO optimization skills, knowledge of CAD design, familiarity with Canva Pro, and so on.

4. Showcase Your Passion for the Job

 That you are at the interview means they believe that you can deliver value. However, every other shortlisted candidate is showing the same potential. You can convince the interviewer that you are the best fit, because of your passion for the job. Job satisfaction equals great productivity – employers know this and are quick to leverage it – and passion promotes job satisfaction.

A generic statement like, “…because I have passion for this role” will not spark any emotion. You can try saying, “Brainstorming ideas for a new project and keeping tabs on different members of the team helps me learn a little of all their work, and I love learning new things. Being a Project Manager makes that possible, and I wouldn’t want to be anything else” In other words, you should be hired because your passion will fuel your productivity.

You should also communicate what you love most about the company that fuels your desire to work with them. The key is to show enthusiasm to be not just a project manager, but a project manager with XYZ Company.

Caution: Be careful with this one, do not go over the top. When you express too much enthusiasm, it can come across as fake.

5. Share a Story of Your Best Achievement Yet

The company should hire you because you are the best person for the job and experience makes that a trusted and proven fact! How do you leave such an impression in the mind of the interviewer? By sharing your best accomplishments that are relevant to the job role.

Did your last company experience a 56% increase in revenue generation after you became the brand manager? Share that with your interviewer. However, saying, “because I’m good at what I do. My last company experienced a 56% increase in revenue generation after I joined” sounds like you are bragging.

Try a more subtle approach, and take the interviewer on a journey to how you achieved that milestone. Talk about the challenges you experienced and how your skills helped you overcome them. This way, you communicate that you are a goal-getter in addition to being an expert.

Pro Tip: You can talk about goals you achieved as part of a team as well. If you do not have any previous experience, relevant tasks you accomplished during volunteer sessions will do.

Other Variations of the “Why Should We Hire You?” Question Include:

  • Explain why you think you are the best fit for this job.
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • What makes you better than all the other candidates vying for this job?
  • Why are you the best person for this job?
  • Why should we choose you and not anyone else?

Pro Tips:

>>> Always answer honestly.

 The goal is to get hired by the company, you don’t want to start your journey with lies.

>>> Keep your explanation as concise as possible.

>>> Speak confidently.

When you speak anxiously, it gives the impression that you are unsure if you can deliver value to the company.

>>> Refrain from comparing yourself with other applicants.

Statements like “unlike other applicants… compared to other candidates…” only make you sound condescending.

>>> Give yourself enough credit when stating your accomplishments, but do not brag.

That you are a Top-Rated Web Designer on Upwork, or you were Employee of the Year for 4 years straight at your last company, is unnecessary information. The hiring company wants to confirm that you know what they need and can provide that. Most companies run a background check on preferred applicants before inviting them for an interview so they most likely already know about your bragging rights.

>>> Even if you applied for the job because of the paycheck and attractive employee benefits, don’t hint at that.

>>> Focus on promoting yourself – you applied because you need a job, the employers know that, but don’t say that or imply that.

>>> You are the best fit for the job, build your confidence before you attend the interview. You should never apply for a job role that you are not qualified for.

>>> Practice your answers before you get to the venue – don’t wing it.

You Got This!

Job interviews can be daunting. You may be tempted to second-guess your abilities when the interviewer has a stern gaze fixed on you. For some of us, it is at this point that imposter syndrome kicks in. However, you should never sell yourself short – develop your skill set, apply to jobs you are qualified for, and show up to the interview confident. If you still do not ace the interview, don’t give up, try again. There are tons of job listings available on the HubforJobs board, and our career experts are on call to tweak your resume for you for best results. We are rooting for you!

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