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High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A University Degree

High Paying Jobs That Don't Require A University Degree

Sounds unbelievable right? but it’s 100% true. There are so many high-paying jobs that do not require you to have a university degree. Most of these jobs are performance-based. As long as you can meet up with the KPIs of these jobs, you are home and dry. 

These days you don’t need to have a university degree to get a good job all you need is an in-demand skill. Let’s take a look at these jobs. Keep reading, we got it all covered.

High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A University Degree

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician aids pharmacists in administering medications to patients and/or health care providers. 

The majority work in pharmacies and drug stores, but some also work in hospitals and private practices.

A four-year degree is not usually required for pharmacy technicians because they learn on the job. 

Many vocational/technical colleges offer pharmacy technology programs, with some offering certificates in as little as a year.

IT Support Specialist

An IT support specialist assists individuals and businesses with their computer hardware and software. 

They could assist IT employees or non-IT users with computer issues within a firm. They assist in person, over the phone, and online.

Computer support experts do not often require a college diploma. Instead, they will require computer abilities as well as communication and interpersonal skills. 

They usually need to have taken a few computer or IT classes or have an associate’s degree. Some businesses demand that their computer support specialists complete a certification program.

Service Delivery Analyst

Clients receive high-quality service thanks to a service delivery analyst. 

He or she examines how services are delivered and how they might be made better. 

He or she usually employs software to keep track of the user’s experience’s quality and efficiency. 

While the qualifications for service delivery analyst employment vary by business, they all demand good computer abilities.

Service delivery analyst roles demand industry experience (usually at least three years) as well as expertise in the company’s service delivery software (this can sometimes be learned on the job). 

However, a four-year degree is not usually required for this position.

Radiologic Technician

Radiologic technicians, sometimes known as radiographers, take X-rays and other diagnostic imaging on patients. 

They work under the supervision of physicians, taking photos as needed by physicians and assisting physicians in image evaluation. 

They work at hospitals, doctors’ offices, labs, and outpatient care facilities.

An associate degree in MRI or radiologic technology is required for most radiologic technologists. 

The duration of these programs ranges from 18 months to two years. There are also one- to two-year certificate programs available.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer, often known as an ultrasound technician, creates ultrasound images for patients under the supervision of a physician. 

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical facilities, and laboratories employ medical sonographers.

While some sonographers have a bachelor’s degree, associate degrees and one-year certificate programs are also available.

Network Administrator

Network administrators install and maintain computer systems. 

Because network and computer systems are used in practically every business, network and computer administrators work in a variety of fields, including IT, finance, and education.

While some network and computer systems administrator professions demand a bachelor’s degree, an increasing number of job postings now simply require a post-secondary certificate and good computer skills.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write, test, and maintain the code that makes computer programs and applications work. 

They usually need to be fluent in several programming languages, including Java C++., PHP, react, laravel, python, and many more.

They could work for a computer systems design firm, software publishers, or financial institutions, among other places. 

Many programmers telecommute since their job is done on a computer, giving them more flexibility.

While many computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree, some merely require an associate’s degree or years of coding expertise. 

Programmers can also earn certifications in certain programming languages, which can assist a job prospect to be hired. 

Attending a boot camp to gain the skills you need to be employed is another possibility.

Database Manager

A database manager (sometimes known as a database administrator) is someone who uses specialized software to store and arrange data. 

He or she ensures that data is secure and accessible only to those who require it. 

Database managers can work in practically any field, but they are most commonly employed by organizations that create and support computer systems.

While some businesses prefer database managers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in management information systems, others prefer database managers with a solid understanding of database languages like Structures Query Language (SQL).

Computer Security Analyst

A computer security analyst (also known as an information security analyst) assists in the safeguarding of a company’s computer networks and systems.

Some companies prefer analysts who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline, and others prefer individuals who have a master’s degree in information systems. 

Some employers, on the other hand, value computer science, programming, and IT security skills over a specialized degree.


These days you don’t need a university degree to get a good job all you need is an in-demand skill. Many high-paying jobs do not require a college degree. Most of these jobs are performance-based so you just need to meet the KPIs. 

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