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Fun Ideas for Team-Building Activities

One soft skill employers always look out for in an applicant is the ability to work in a team. This is because great teamwork is the key ingredient to increased productivity in every company. Together, everyone achieves more. Promoting team spirit also greatly reduces conflicts and burn-outs among employees. Great bosses know this, and that is why they organize team-building activities for better bonding among members of a project team and ensure they are loads of fun. At Hubforjobs, we also recognize the importance of team building, so we have come up with fun ideas for team-building activities that employers and employees alike can participate in, to strengthen the team spirit.

Why are Team Building Activities Important?

  • It sets the mood for coworkers to connect on a deeper level without worrying about professionalism.
  • .It builds trust that motivates team members to work with, instead of against one another. Team building reminds employees that they are all members of the same team, not opponents or competitors.
  • It helps people who struggle with teamwork develop their abilities.

Some of the fun activities that can be done to encourage team building (apart from playing board games) include:

1. The Number Game

This game aims to teach team members to be in sync with one another and effectively communicate with more than just words.

How to play the game:
  • First, everyone gathers around in a circle.
  • Next, someone begins the count from No.1,
  • Anybody else from a random position in the circle can continue the count with the next number until they get to the agreed last number in the count. You can count from 1-20 or more, depending on how much time was allotted to this exercise.
  • If two people jump in at the same to say the same number, they are evicted from the game and the rest of the team has to start the count all over again.
  • The last man standing in the game gets a reward.
  • If the rest of the team can finish the count without anyone else getting disqualified, then they all get rewarded.

2. Finish my sentence

The goal of this game is to promote togetherness and remind the team members that successful projects are the products of combined efforts. This one has a time limit.

How to play the game
  • The moderator will pick a random number, and the team will be required to say that number of sentences in that number of minutes. For example, if the moderator picks 3, each team member should have said 3 sentences before 3 minutes are up.
  • The first person starts with a random sentence, but the next person has to start his sentence with the last word from that of the previous person, and so on.
  • Anyone who delays in coming up with a sentence will lose a turn.

3. Show and tell

The idea behind this game is to evaluate how much team members know about each other and also help boost their confidence by encouraging them to give one another compliments.

How to play the game:
  • Write the full name of each team member on a piece of paper, crumple the papers and mix them up in a bowl.
  • Ask team members to each pick a paper from the bowl.
  • Team members have to identify the coworker whose full name they’ve picked and say three things about the person. Of the three things to be said, two must be facts, and the third a compliment.
  • If a team member gets a “fact” wrong about the person they picked, the person is allowed to correct them with the right thing.

4. The Blindfold Game

This game seeks to build trust among team members, and improve cooperation.

How to play the game
  • Split the team into smaller divisions of groups of twos and make them opposing teams.
  • Each pair is then required to pick a representative who will perform a task blindfolded.
  • The role of the second player without a blindfold is to guide the representative until he accomplishes the task.
  • The pair that finishes their task first, wins.

The team-building activities highlighted above are simple games that can be played during “happy hour” in the office, or on a particularly lazy Friday in the workplace. They only take a couple of minutes to get done and leave everyone feeling refreshed.

However, longer activities that can be organized on “team building day” or in celebration of “the most productive month yet”, include:

5. A Breakfast or Lunch Seminar

When organizing this as a team-building event, have someone in the team share his knowledge of a particular skill with the rest of the team, over brunch. Your team will learn something new, and the free food serves as a great incentive to increase attendance. You can make it even more fun, and have each member of the team make a presentation one after the other, on their various skill sets. It doesn’t have to be restricted to skills relevant to the job however, new meal recipes and fashion tips and tricks work just fine as well.

6. A contest

Cooking competitions, singing contests, and dance-offs are a great way to ease off stress after a particularly demanding week. Group team members with similar hobbies together and encourage healthy competition for team building. A friendly football match with male and female team members on opposing teams is also a great idea.

7. A picnic

Picnics are a great avenue for employees to bond together outside of work. Play some of the games highlighted earlier, throw in a scavenger hunt and lots of fruits and cookies, and picnics will have your team bonding better than a group of old ladies at a knitting club.


The importance of team building cannot be over-emphasized. It encourages unity and trust, which in turn reduces conflicts. It not only increases productivity but also makes the office a safe space where everyone can work and grow. Try out some of these fun team-building activities today, and let us know how it goes in the comments.

Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a frustrated employee; a team that has fun together attains milestones together!

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