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Free Templates For Meeting Closing Prayer at work

Free Templates For Meeting Closing Prayer

A closing prayer is a wonderful way to end a meeting or any other gathering. Here are some suggestions for meeting closing prayers to get you started.

Prayer Of Gratitude

Thank you, gracious Father, for making today a success. 

Lord, we beg that you accompany us as we leave. 

May your angels go ahead of us and clear the path so that we can safely return home. 

Thank you for the lives you have prepared for us to touch with your word in advance. 

Thank you, Lord, for the laughs and the amazing time we’ve had together. 

May all praise and honor be returned to you in all that we do. 

We believe and pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Of Guidance

We put our trust in you, Awesome God, as we leave this location because we know you will never let us down. 

We continue to have faith in you and continue to praise you. 

May us bear witness to your righteousness as we leave this location and as we return. 

Be our guide in whatever we do, and lead us to the higher-ranking rock. 

Assist us in sticking to your word and letting it guide us in everything we do. 

We will continue to look up to you because we know you are our shepherd and that you will provide for us. We believe and pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

 Prayer to Help You Achieve Your Goals

We thank you, God, for being the Name above all names. 

We appreciate how faultless your thoughts and wisdom are, like silver purified in a furnace. 

We appreciate your insight, which infused our discussion, as well as the strategies you assisted us in developing. 

We appreciate you providing us with ideas for resolving the challenges at hand. 

Continue to guide us with your knowledge as we depart. 

Assist us in achieving the goals we’ve set for ourselves and moving forward in a positive manner. 


Prayer Of Thanksgiving For All Achieved

We glorify you, Sovereign Lord, for you have lifted us up. 

You came beside us and helped us through this meeting after we asked for your assistance. 

We thank you for your foresight into each and every decision we had to make. 

We appreciate everything that was accomplished during this meeting. 

We appreciate your kindness and for making us strong. 

We ask that you continue to lead and guide us as we conclude this conference for the sake of your holy and beautiful name. 


Prayer seeking for the next step

Your way is flawless, Lord, our Great Shepherd. You provide us with strength and prepare our hands for the work ahead of us. 

We are appreciative for the thoughtful discussions we have in this room together. 

As we conclude this meeting, we pray that we will remain united in our common goal and the next measures we must take. 

Give us insight on what we need to accomplish in the days and weeks ahead as individuals. 


Prayer For Peace In All Circumstances

We have faced several difficult issues in this conference, Jesus, our Prince of Peace. 

Some of these challenges have elicited feelings of apprehension and fear. 

We are grateful that you reached down from heaven and drew us out of the abyss. 

We appreciate your support as we face and overcome these challenges. 

You are the lamp that shines in the darkness. 

Lord of peace, grant us your peace at all times and in all situations as we go forth. 

Calm our minds and souls with your presence. Amen.

Prayer for Insight

We praise you, Lord God, for you contain all the treasures of wisdom and understanding. 

We are grateful for your heavenly insight, which has enlightened us during this gathering. 

Thank you for ensuring that we comprehended the materials we covered. 

Thank you for pointing us in the direction of the places where we need to act. 

We respectfully request that you continue to guide us as we carry out our plans. 

As we walk our separate ways, may your wisdom continue to guide us. Amen.

Prayer for a Specific Purpose

We thank you, Almighty and Everlasting God, for your powerful might at work in our group. 

We can scale any barrier that stands in the way of what you want us to do thanks to your strength. 

Thank you for providing us with a clear grasp of the problems we’re dealing with, as well as a clear plan on how to address them. 

In the days ahead, remind everyone of us of our own responsibilities. 

Make sure we’re on the right track as we walk down numerous pathways. Amen.

Prayer for Protection

Dear God, as this meeting comes to a close, we’d like to convey our thankfulness to you. 

We leave feeling that you are on our side and that nothing will go wrong for us. 

We’ve decided to place our faith in you rather than in man. 

We lift our eyes to you, Lord, for you are the source of our help. 

Lord, help us to fear you and follow in your ways so that the enemy does not have a foothold in our life. 

As we leave this area and return to our separate destinations, be our covering and a wall of fire. We believe and pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Of Blessing

Father, may your name be widely praised for allowing us to gather here in good health. 

May we sing your praises again and over again. 

Bless everyone who has come because they have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend our meeting. 

Bless their homes and workplaces. 

Allow your face to shine upon them, Lord. Lift your eyes to them, be gracious to them, and offer them serenity all day and all week. I believe and pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer to be able to put Issues Discussed into action

We began this meeting with you, and we will end it with you, Almighty God. 

Thank you for your contribution to the success of this meeting. 

We couldn’t have done it without you since, while we have a lot of plans, you are the one who makes them happen. 

May the lessons we’ve learnt today spark our hearts and inspire us to act. 

May what we’ve learned have a beneficial impact on our lives, our families, our friends, and the rest of the world. We believe and pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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