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Entry Age And Average Salary Of Bank Teller In Nigeria

Entry Age Range And Average Salary Of Bank Teller In Nigeria

Due to the fact that the banking sector is one of the largest employers of labor in Nigeria, there has been a constant increase in the need for bank tellers. 

For the benefit of individuals who wish to apply for bank teller jobs, count yourself lucky to be on this post as the aim of this post is to provide insights on the entry level age for bank teller jobs in Nigeria likewise the average salary for bank teller jobs in Nigeria. 

Gone are the days when banks visit various higher institutions to conduct student test, select the best, and then offer automatic jobs.  

Over the years, some government restrictions and policies have influenced how bank hires which has further restricted availability of this position. 

Who is a bank teller? 

 This is a bank employee who deals directly with clients. They are usually the first individuals you interact with in the bank, as they are the front line associates you meet. 

Customer care representatives or cashiers who collect deposits and pay withdrawals can be regrarded as bank tellers.

Bank Teller Entry Age 

For you to be employed as bank teller, aside from academic qualification, age plays a critical factor in the success of applicants. The entry age for a bank teller job in Nigeria is between 22 to 26 years. However candiates older than 26 years could be considered based on discretion of the hiring manager but to be eligible for employment as a bank teller, applicant should not be above 30 years of age. 

Job Description Of Bank Tellers In Nigeria

Tellers are in charge of accurately executing ordinary bank transactions. Tellers are in charge of ensuring that the money they handle is handled safely and accurately. 

They must verify the customer’s identity and ensure that the account has sufficient funds to support the transaction when cashing a check. 

Tellers must be careful not to make mistakes when counting currency. Tellers explain the bank’s products and services to customers who are interested in them and refer them to the relevant staff if they are interested in financial products or services.

Tellers in most banks use computers to record account changes, giving them convenient access to the customer’s financial information. This information can also be used by tellers when proposing a new product or service.

Duties and Responsibilities Of Bank Tellers 

  • Assisting customers with basic transactions, such as making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Accepting cash, checks, and other forms of payment from customers and keeping deposit slips, checks, and cash in order.
  • Verifying customers’ identities and ensuring the paperwork is properly completed and they have sufficient funds in their accounts to cover their transactions.
  • Answering customers’ questions about their accounts and the bank’s services and products.
  • Ensuring cash and checks are genuine, that deposit amounts and the paperwork agree, and that transactions are accurately entered into the computer system.
  • Counting the cash in your drawer before and after your work shift to ensure it balances.
  • Providing special services, such as printing out account balances and histories, ordering cards and checks, closing accounts, issuing cashier’s checks and foreign currency, cashing savings bonds, and processing payments for bills.
  • Recommending special products and referring interested customers to specialized bank employees.
  • Recording all customer transactions electronically.
  • Understanding and following federal banking laws and bank procedures.

Bank Teller Job Requirement/ Skills

  • A High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Attention to detail and mathematical skills
  • Basic PC knowledge
  • Experience with electronic equipment such as cash drawers, receipt validators and money counters
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Customer satisfaction-oriented
  • Excellent sales skills

Average Salary For Bank Teller Jobs In Nigeria

Based on salary estimates from 267 bank tellers across Nigeria, the average net salary for Bank Teller in Nigeria is 81,000 Naira.

However, entry level bank tellers earn as low as 76,000 Naira while mid-level bank tellers earn 84,000 Naira. Senior level bank tellers earn around 95,000 Naira monthly. 


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