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Employers: Tips for Writing a Great Job Description

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When placing a job advert, every recruiter aims  to attract qualified candidates  who  will fit the brand’s standards and will be able to deliver value in the vacant position. In the same vein, employees are attracted to apply for a position in a particular company from the job description provided.

Job descriptions are important, because they are the first impression a prospective employee gets of the company. The job seeker instantly makes his/her decision to apply or not, most times, based on the description given. Hence, the job description should not only highlight the responsibilities of the position advertised, but also subtly promote the brand’s values and outline the benefits a qualified candidate stands to gain after becoming a part of your team.

Here’s a few important tips for writing a great job description, so you don’t miss a qualified candidate by your next ad:

  • Start with a clear and concise title. Most job seekers search for jobs using titles. Go straight to the point and say exactly what position is vacant in your company, use accurate and meaningful words.
  • Outline the responsibilities of the role clearly, so the candidate knows exactly what they’re in for.
  • Specify the skills needed to be efficient in the role, before stating additional skills that may be desired. Vocalize that there is room to grow on the job.
  • Highlight the benefits of working with your company, but don’t exaggerate them.
  • Include a brief description of your company’s values; your mission and vision statement are a good place to start. Also state the kind of services you offer or product you sell, and if your company is just starting, a growing business, an already established company, or rebranding.
  • Share some insights on the kind of technology they’ll work with, clientele they’ll be exposed to, and any extra work they might have to take on, deadlines they’ll have to work with and any exceptions to their normal work schedule that they’ll have to put up with.
  •  Offer a flexible work schedule. It boosts your Brand’s reputation, and gives the impression that you value a good work- life balance.
  •  Give detailed explanations on tasks associated with the role.
  • Use the active voice in your writing, speak to your candidate directly. Replace “the selected candidate will be required to”, with “you will be required to” when stating responsibilities of the vacant role.
  • In the same vein use “we” and “our”  to replace “the company” when outlining benefits of working in your company and company values. That means, use “Here, we value the health of our employees” instead of “XYZ values the health of her employees” 

Remember that, a great job description should make the  prospective employee feel like a part of the company and also highlight the values of the company, as well as the benefits of the role, and not just responsibilities. You’re off to a great start!

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