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Common Waiter Or Waitress Interview Questions And Answers

Common Waiter Or Waitress Interview Questions And Answers

A professional who works in restaurants, bars, hotels, and other places that provide food and serve alcohol is known as a waiter or waitress. They deliver first-rate customer service to guarantee their visitors have a wonderful dining experience. They welcome visitors, collect food orders, and make sure the kitchen and dining areas are in constant contact. Have you been applying for a waiter or waitress job? This post is for you as we will be unraveling some common interview questions and answers for a waiter or waitress job.

Common Waiter Or Waitress Interview Questions And Answers

As a waiter or waitress, what experience do you have handling cash and card transactions?

When receiving different types of payment, a waiter or waitresses need to be adaptable. Because cash transactions frequently involve a speedy exchange of money, the applicant’s response to this question will enable you to determine how much expertise they have with basic math during work hours. The ideal applicant will understand when to request money and will be kind to clients throughout this encounter.

Suitable answer: At my previous waitress position, I had experience accepting multiple forms of payment from cash and gift cards to debit and credit cards. I would always wait until the patron seemed done with their meal before bringing over the bill.

Tell us about a time you had to deal with a demanding customer

There are successful days and unsuccessful days in the restaurant business. A great server will be capable of handling challenging circumstances and demanding customers. When recalling a time they dealt with a challenging customer, the ideal candidate will demonstrate compassion and demonstrate how they offered ways to improve the unpleasant experience for the person. Consider the applicant’s capacity to pay close attention to factors that may have affected the client.

Suitable Answer: In my last position, I once assisted a patron who was upset about her meal as she felt it was cold. I had the chef remake her meal, and I gave her a free appetizer to ensure that she had a satisfactory experience.

What is your experience with making drinks for customers behind the bar?

While some places merely need servers to handle beer and wine, others may require waitresses to prepare simple alcoholic beverages. You can determine the applicant’s level of expertise as a waitress and their familiarity with a variety of cocktails by listening to how she responds to this question. Does the person prefer to handle solely non-alcoholic drinks? Pay attention to the candidate’s self-assurance.

Suitable Answer: I have six years of experience serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. At my last job, I learned how to make bloody marys and mimosas for our daily brunch service.

As a waiter or waitress, how would you handle multiple tables during a busy shift?

Many different responsibilities must be handled by waitresses at once. One waitress may be serving four to five tables simultaneously during peak times. The ideal candidate will be aware of the value of time management and will treat every customer with courtesy. When asking an applicant how they would handle a hectic shift, pay attention to their tone. Can they maintain composure under duress?

Suitable Answer: I would make sure to greet all the customers at each table and take drink orders before asking each table what entrees I can get for them. During busy shifts, it is important to interact equally with all patrons in a section, so I would make it a priority to be available to them.

Tell us about your experience catering to customers who have unique dietary requirements, like vegan and gluten-free requirements.

Waitresses must understand how to assist guests with unique dietary needs and allergens because these issues are common in the restaurant sector. The ideal candidate will have expertise in suggesting alternatives, understanding what foods are restricted by particular diets, and knowing what ingredients are in meals on a menu. Are they familiar with the distinctions between vegetarianism and veganism or the foods that fit popular diets like the keto or paleo diets?

Suitable Answer: In my previous waitress position, I would always highlight which specials were vegetarian or vegan and offer help with finding foods to meet specific diets. I am familiar with offering substitutions to make a meal fit a patron’s needs.

Why do you believe that a restaurant has to have a successful team?

All staff members must collaborate and work together as a team to maintain orderly operations for a restaurant to stay effective and productive. It’s crucial to have servers who get the importance of teamwork and how it contributes to a restaurant’s success on staff. Look for a candidate with teamwork experience who also appears eager and motivated to join a diverse, encouraging, and cooperative restaurant workforce.

Suitable Answer: I believe teamwork is significantly important for a restaurant to follow since it can be a fast-paced and intense environment. As a waitress, I’ve appreciated previous coworkers who were there to run an order out to a table when I was busy with another one, and I always worked to return the favor. It’s also important to have a respectful relationship with the cooks and bussers. When we all maintain positive and communicative work relationships with each other, the kitchen and dining areas run more smoothly, which means we’re providing a more satisfying and enjoyable customer experience.

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