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Common Security Guard Interview Questions And Answers

The first line of protection for buildings, people, and assets is security personnel. Candidates with high school diplomas and formal training are frequently chosen by employers (i.e. a diploma). It would be ideal to have CPR and First Aid certifications, as well as familiarity with security and emergency gear. They will occasionally need to utilize word processing, email, and other computer tools, so being comfortable with computers is helpful. Have you been applying for a security guard job? This post is for you as we will be unraveling some common interview questions and answers for a security guard job.  

Common Security Guard Interview Questions And Answers

Why do you want to work as a security guard?

This work isn’t very unique, which makes the question more challenging. You can still let them know that you believe you are the best person for the job. Tell them that you like working late hours or that you previously held the same position and were happy with it. Whatever it involved, you enjoyed your security guard schedule. Alternately, you may bank on integrity. Tell them that you need any employment right now because of your current living circumstances and financial status, your stage in your professional career (you’re still in school, you’re getting close to retirement, you’re going through a tough time, you’re seeking for an easy buck), or both. You thought that being a security officer sounded like a nice idea and decided to try it. 

How would you characterize the main responsibility of a security guard?

You can either describe the responsibilities from the job description, such as guarding the building or property, keeping an eye on the surveillance equipment, etc., or you can sum up the position in one line. In the second scenario, you may argue that the security guard’s primary duty is to protect the employees (i.e., customers) and the property from theft and other harm. Demonstrate to the interviewers that you are aware of and responsible for your job. You don’t intend to wander about the building aimlessly. You are prepared to protect the things, people, and goals you have identified.

Do you have any experience working as a security guard?

With expertise, this question becomes simple. In this situation, let them know that you appreciated your employment and would like to return to the same position. You can also describe a challenging event you had to deal with when working as a security guard in the past, such as fending off a burglar or putting out a fire. And if nothing major transpired, it means you did a fantastic job of your job. However, if you lack experience, make sure to highlight your knowledge of what makes a competent security guard and your lack of fear of the risks associated with the position. Inform them that you believe you will handle your responsibilities well right away and that you are eager to learn. Be assured of your abilities. Be motivated. There is no reason why they should exclude you from consideration simply because you have no prior experience working in security, as everyone must begin their career in a profession at some point.

Can you imagine working sixteen hours in a single day?

Long shifts of 12, 16, or even 24 and 48 hours are common in a variety of security officer occupations. The length of the shift varies from country to country (or even from city to city), and it is influenced by the job’s requirements, local laws, and the property’s location. Security guards frequently work lengthy shifts at properties in outlying or challenging regions. Anyhow, the likelihood is great that lengthy shifts are part of the work when they inquire about them. Say that you are prepared to work for a prolonged period, that you can be highly attentive and focused for an extended period, and that you won’t doze off while working.

How do you feel about carrying a gun, or shooting?

Employers prefer that you refrain from using a gun unless it is required. It’s simply not the correct impression to give during an interview to suggest that you enjoy shooting, chasing people, or just generally enjoy firearms. However, you should clarify that while you feel comfortable carrying a handgun, you would never use it unless someone made a shooting threat against you or shot at you. Possess a positive mindset to increase your chances of landing the job. You should mention if you have a permit to carry a weapon. Your new company will normally set up the training, background check, and other requirements necessary by the local authorities to obtain a permit if you don’t already have one. Or, you’ll work somewhere where security personnel doesn’t have access to weapons, which is, in my opinion, a preferable option.

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