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Common Sales Representative Interview Questions And Answers

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To increase sales, sales representatives must explain the advantages of a company’s products. Sales representatives serve as the company’s primary point of contact with prospects and clients. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, such as locating and educating potential consumers as well as providing current clients with information and support regarding goods and services. Have you been applying for a sales representative job? This post is for you as we will be unraveling some common interview questions and answers for a sales representative job.  

Common Sales Representative Interview Questions And Answers

Are you comfortable making cold calls?

Sales require making cold calls, thus interviewers are interested in your prior experience. Are you outgoing? This query also reveals something about your personality. Can you strike up a dialogue? Share examples to support your claims even if this may seem to be a yes-or-no question (with “yes!” being the preferred response).

Suitable Answer: The results can be unpredictable when you pick up the phone, but I find that researching the person and the company can help make this type of call successful. I had great success with this tactic during my time at XYZ Company.

Have you consistently met your sales goals?

Interviewers use this question to gauge your likelihood of performing well at their organization in terms of hitting sales targets because the past can predict the future. In your response, be sincere, but emphasize the good.

Suitable Answer: In my previous employment, I’ve been one of the top salespeople in the department for the past six years. Before that, I had one rough quarter. I was discouraged but then realized it was an opportunity to re-think my strategy, and it’s been really exciting to see those adjustments have such a positive payoff.

What motivates you?

What makes you tick is what interviewers want to know. Connecting your reaction to the objectives of the firm is a wise move. Although money-related issues (like a compensation incentive) could be a major reason, strive to go beyond that in your response.

Suitable Answer: Every quarter, I strive to go beyond my quota and compete with my personal best results from previous periods. My goal is always to see growth in my sales records with each new quarter.

How did you land your most successful sale?

When it comes to closing agreements, interviewers want to see that you have a plan in place. Share a detailed situation while keeping in mind that your response should highlight your strongest traits as a salesperson. (Although you want to utilize this response to demonstrate that you are a good sales candidate, refrain from boasting!)

Suitable Answer: My biggest sale (so far) involves selling a five-year contract for XYZ’s enterprise software to ABC Automotives. Believe it or not, this deal started with a cold call; in that initial conversation, the customer shared a problem that the enterprise software could solve, and so I was able to target subsequent presentations and interactions in a solution-oriented way. Relationship building was key to closing this deal, as well as to providing targeted demos of the software that spoke to saving the client time and increasing productivity.

Sell me this pen

This is a typical interview query. Interviewers want to see examples of your selling strategies. Be brave and consider this question seriously.

Suitable Answer: Even in our tech-focused world, a pen is still essential. What I like about this one is that it has a secure cap so it won’t stain pocket interiors or a bag. Plus, it’s refined-looking yet still budget-friendly.

What are your long-term career goals?

Employers are interested in learning about your goals. Additionally, they want to know if you’re likely to stay or if you could be in a rush to find another job.

Suitable Answer: I’m eager to work in sales in a mission-driven company such as yours. Long term, I’m always looking to improve my selling skills and, in particular, I’m eager to grow my leadership skills, eventually taking on managerial responsibilities.

What do you know about our company?

Interviewers are using this question to see if you performed any research and if you have a basic understanding of the business.

Suitable Answer: This company is a family-owned business that recently expanded its brick-and-mortar outpost to go online. I think e-commerce is a strong fit and an area where you have a lot of growth potential. I read a recent Forbes piece on how the board is eager to expand yet still keep the personal, warm atmosphere. That’s something I can appreciate, having come from a family-owned company myself. 

What interests you most about this sales position?

Another test to see if you did any pre-interview research on the firm is this one. Your response will also show what drives you, whether it’s the corporate culture, a particular product, or something else.

Suitable Answer: I’m most impressed by how much of a difference ABC’s product can make in parents’ lives. I think it’s clear that parents will feel safer about their kids if they own this product. To me, it’s important to only sell items that I truly believe in myself, items I would recommend to a friend.

 Why do you think you are a good salesperson?

Interviewers will get a feel of the traits you believe are most crucial in a salesperson from your response. Your response should, ideally, reflect the qualities the employer seeks in a candidate.

Suitable Answer: I enjoy the personal connections with prospects and customers, but I think where I shine is in the details. I’m hyper-organized; my calendar is full of reminders to follow up with customers, and I never let an email linger without quickly responding. Plus, I always spend time with new products—lots of time. This allows me to able to answer questions fluently, showing off features that aren’t always obvious.

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