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Common Job Interview Questions

You have acquired the relevant skills, tweaked your resume to perfection, applied for the job, and even followed up the application till you were invited for an interview. What’s next? You prepare for the interview. In a job interview, you will be judged by your appearance, charisma, and correct answers to questions. If you don’t sound prepared, your beautiful appearance won’t get you the job. At, we believe you deserve your dream job and nothing should stop you. Hence, we have compiled some of the most common job interview questions and provided answers, so you can practice beforehand and be ready.

Common Job Interview Questions You Might Be Asked

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

When an interviewer asks about your strengths, he wants to know what features you have that will be beneficial to the company. When he asks about your weaknesses, he is trying to assess if you can cope in the company should situations that challenge your strengths to arise.

Ideal Answer

When listing your strengths, amplify your skills and qualifications that are relevant to the job. You can include those character traits that resonate with the company’s values. Be honest in your reply when stating your weaknesses. Confidently state how you overcome them in pursuit of your goals.

2. Why do you want to work with us?

You applied to them because you need a job, and they were hiring. He knows that. This question is a test to see how much you know about the company.

Ideal Answer

Use the company’s values, mode of operation, ranking, or services that you can relate to the most, to frame your answer. For example, ” I have been a long-standing user of Shimmer’s beauty products since I was a teenager, my skin is evidence of your ranking as Nigeria’s No.1 skincare brand. Working with you will be an opportunity to write great content about a brand of integrity that I trust and recommend.” Feel free to praise the company a little in your answer, but don’t go over the top. For example, “Myka has a great reputation in the tech industry. I am convinced that an internship with you will offer me nothing short of growth”

Myka and Shimmer are fictitious brand names, used solely for the purpose of explanation.

3. What makes you the best choice for this role?

He wants to ascertain if you meet the requirements and can deliver value in the job position if hired.

Ideal Answer

This is where the keywords you identified in the job description, become a powerful tool. Share relevant achievements in your previous role with the interviewer. the keywords will help you determine which ones are relevant. For example, if the company shared in the job description that part of your responsibilities in the role is to boost sales, include that achievement in your answer; ” My last company experienced a 45% increase in sales only 3 months after I was hired”. Remember to be truthful, don’t fabricate heights you didn’t reach.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years (or 10 years)?

This question is to test your knowledge of the career progression in the company.

Ideal Answer

Say the position that is attainable in that number of years, following the company’s career progression.

5. How would your old employer describe you?

This is a trick question. What the job interviewer truly wants to know is if you can be trusted to give good recommendations about your boss.

Ideal Answer

This is not the right time to bad-mouth your boss. Give a modest description of yourself, and avoid painting your old employer in a bad light even if he was a bad boss.

6. What was your most challenging project?

This is a very common job interview question. The interviewer is trying to evaluate how well you work under pressure.

Ideal Answer

Answer truthfully, give details on why it was challenging for you, and how you were able to complete it successfully.

7. What role can you play best in a team?

This job interview question evaluates your ability to work in a team.

Ideal Answer

You most likely included teamwork as one of your soft skills in your resume, this is your chance to defend that. Answer truthfully with what role you are most comfortable playing in a team. It’s okay to say so if the leadership position is not your strong suit.

8. What is your expected salary?

Ideal Answer

A salary finder will help you find the estimated salary suitable for your industry.

9. Are you comfortable working remotely?

For some companies, working remotely means working on weekends and longer hours.

Ideal Answer

Before the interview, determine what conditions you can, and cannot work with. In your reply be truthful and explain why you cannot work remotely if your answer is no.

While getting ready for your interview, it is important to read the job description provided in the ads, and do your research on the company’s work ethics and mode of operations. You’ll get your answer to most of the questions from there. I’m rooting for you!

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