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Common Interview Questions And Answers For Hotel Manager Job

Common Interview Questions And Answers For Hotel Manager Job

Hotel managers are in charge of the hotel’s day-to-day operations. They are in charge of everything, from hiring to budgeting, marketing, and customer service. A hotel manager’s mission is to make sure that guests, vendors, and other stakeholders have a good time at their resort. Hotel managers may also be responsible for expanding their company’s business potential. Have you been applying for a hotel manager job? This post is for you as we will be unraveling some common interview questions and answers for hotel manager job.

Negotiating relationships with vendors or suppliers, devising a marketing strategy, or even locating new locations for future hotels are all the jobs of a hotel manager. Hotel managers are in charge of a hotel’s whole business, including the physical plant, guest services, and employees. They usually work long hours, including evenings and weekends, to ensure that the hotel runs well and that guests have a good time. 

Common Interview Questions And Answers For Hotel Manager Job

What would be your strategy for organizing a large event like a conference or convention in the hotel?

Knowing how a candidate would handle a key component of running a hotel (renting out space for events) is a vital item you should look for when recruiting given the amount of influence a hotel manager has over a property. 

Candidates will also have the chance to discuss their previous management and event organizing experience, two abilities that a hotel manager may find useful.

Suitable answer: I would approach organizing hotel events similar to how I’ve done in the past. In both high school and college, I was in charge of organizing several fund-raising efforts for different clubs and organizations and managing them as they happened.

How do you envision managing situations at the hotel like mass check-ins and comparable ones?

Bulk check-ins put any hotel management to the test, challenging their capacity to coordinate numerous moving pieces in a busy environment. Candidates should project a sense of assurance that they can manage the high number of guests without overlooking or missing anyone and that they can keep clients happy with excellent service and a pleasant disposition. 

They should also be able to coordinate the help of their staff.

Suitable answer: When dealing with a large number of guests checking in at once, I would preemptively call various staff members to assist me in checking them in. My goal would be to move through the process as quickly as possible but without compromising the quality standards a guest would expect from our hotel.

As the hotel’s manager, how do you intend to oversee the training of new employees?

A smart hotel manager will always want to be at least partially involved in staff training, both for purposes of quality assurance and to boost the spirits of new hires. The best applicant will understand when to delegate authority to others. 

Understanding when to delegate is a key management ability because hotel management calls for a lot of work and time commitment to many jobs.

Suitable answer: I would certainly want to meet all new hires and be there for orientation and training. After showing them the ropes and ensuring everyone is on the same page, I would hand the job off to other senior staff members for more personalized training.

How will you react to a negative review or complaint from a guest(s) while staying at the hotel?

Any customer service position requires the ability to take criticism well, but hotel managers are in a special position because they are at the top of the food chain. All complaints should eventually reach them, and then they can decide what they can do to make things better. 

A strong candidate would consider feedback to see how their management may be altered to better serve customers. 

Before they depart, they should try their best to find a solution to appease the dissatisfied guest.

Suitable answer: If a complaint is issued under my management, I would want to handle things personally. If possible, I’d consult with the guest in person to find out what happened and how we could fix it. Should this problem happen again or has happened in the past, I’d also consult with staff to see what the issue is on our end.

What techniques do you employ to reduce costs?

The candidate’s response can give insight into their understanding of finances. In addition, a response can reveal a person’s capacity for creativity and problem-solving when it comes to tackling challenging assignments or coming up with answers to issues that aren’t always obvious. 

Using the question, you may determine the candidate’s ability to properly manage a budget and their priorities for the hotel.

Suitable answer: In my previous role, I was tasked with ensuring that guests had a fresh supply of toiletries and linens. While doing this I observed that most guests traveled with their supply of toiletries, but we would put new ones out daily, regardless of whether they had been used or not. This was an expense that was not necessary for each guest. After discussing the issue with my manager at the time, we implemented a plan to reduce costs by providing toiletries upon request.

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