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Common Interview Questions And Answers For Flight Attendant Jobs

Common Interview Questions And Answers For Flight Attendant Jobs

On commercial flights, flight attendants are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers. They assist passengers with boarding and deplaning, offer flight schedules and destinations, serve food and refreshments, and ensure that all safety protocols are followed. Have you been applying for a flight attendant job? This post is for you as we will be unraveling some common interview questions and answers for flight attendant jobs.

Common Interview Questions And Answers For Flight Attendant Jobs

What procedure would you employ if a passenger disobeyed a flight attendant’s orders during takeoff or landing?

At the beginning and end of a trip, passengers who refuse to pay attention to flight attendants put both themselves and other passengers in danger. The applicant needs to be able to resolve the issue amicably. 

What to note in response to this question:

  • Conflict management skills for calming down passengers
  • Quick thinking during unexpected passenger confrontations
  • Good judgment when considering how to address passenger non-compliance

Suitable answer: I would repeat my instruction to the passenger, in case he/she misheard me due to cabin noise, and emphasize the consequences of disobeying a crew member. If the passenger still refuses to comply, I would seek assistance from other flight assistants. As a last resort, I would report the situation to the captain.

What would you do if someone afraid of flying started panicking?

Flyers who are nervous or inexperienced may become frightened or disturbed during takeoff, landing, or times of turbulence. Through kind and considerate customer care, flight attendants can reduce the anxiety of the situation.

Suitable answer: I would first ask if the passenger was OK and if there was anything I could provide. I would reassure the traveler that anxiety while flying is common and give some tips for staying calm.

What actions would you take right away if there was an air emergency?

In-flight emergencies are largely handled by flight attendants. Look for responses that demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to remain composed under pressure and to demonstrate leadership qualities.

Suitable answer: I would get my oxygen mask on before assisting other passengers. I’ll double-check where the closest exit doors are and try to plan a few steps so I can keep everyone as calm as possible.

Can you tell us about your favorite flight experience?

People who are passionate about something have a way of making things better for those around them. A candidate who enjoys flying or airplanes can be a huge asset.

Look for responses that go into great depth regarding the subject’s preferred portions of the journey.

Suitable answer: My favorite experience was my first flight on a 747. It was only a short trip, but I could easily see why it gets the nickname ‘The Queen of the Skies.

Tell us about your customer service strengths

The majority of a flight attendant’s time is spent dealing with and attending to passengers. Many individuals find traveling to be stressful, therefore having exceptional customer service skills can help travelers unwind and feel better about their flight. 

Look for responses that demonstrate the applicant cares about supporting others.

Suitable answer: I do a great job listening to the passengers when they ask me questions, make a request, or have a concern. I want to make sure I meet their expectations and understand their problems.

How have you and a coworker previously handled a difficult situation?

You don’t want to hire a flight attendant who can’t handle staff disagreements as the flight crew spends a lot of time together in close quarters. The applicant’s response should show that they are willing to make concessions and comprehend the viewpoints of others.

Suitable answer: A miscommunication caused some friction between myself and another flight attendant. The meal got delayed due to my error, and passengers were getting frustrated with the other flight attendant. I owned my mistake, apologized to my co-worker, and offered to talk to the upset passengers.

Do you feel comfortable in new environments and situations?

While seniority-less flight attendants frequently find themselves in many of the airline’s destinations, more seasoned flight attendants may have a defined route. Consider hiring people who are accustomed to other cultures and can swiftly adjust to new situations.

Suitable answer: I love landing in a new country and getting the chance to go to the local market. Everyone understands the language of food, even if I don’t speak the native language there.

What approach would you take to settle a dispute between two passengers over a single seat?

Trip Attendants are in charge of handling issues that arise throughout the flight, thus they must be prepared to move fast to appropriately deescalate some situations. You can get a better understanding of how they tackle these issues by asking them this question. 

You can also discover their plan for resolving the problem fast while preserving everyone else’s safety and tranquility. 

Look for a candidate who responds logically and reasonably promptly because this indicates how quickly they can think of original answers to challenging challenges.

Suitable answer: If two passengers were fighting over the same seat, I would politely ask both passengers to lower their voices out of respect for other travelers on board. I’d then ask them to calmly explain the situation and would look at both of their tickets to learn where each of their seats originally were to rid anyone of confusion. If a passenger is still unhappy about their seating arrangements, I would try to find an open seat that meets their preference. If there wasn’t one available, I’d ask if anyone would be willing to trade with them. If no one can, I’d politely apologize to the passenger.

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