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Common Interview Questions And Answers For A Driver Job

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Drivers deliver supplies and commodities or transport customers (e.g., bus driver, rideshare driver, chauffeur). Operating a range of vehicles, loading and unloading freight, maintaining vehicle safety, keeping accurate mileage records, and obeying traffic rules are all common driver roles and responsibilities. This post is for you if you have been applying for driver jobs. 

Common Interview Questions And Answers For A Driver Job

What do you think are the essential qualities of a good Driver?

The question gauges the candidate’s honesty as well as their understanding of the position. It will let you assess the candidate’s capacity for rapid and critical thought.

Suitable Answer:  As a Driver, I’ve discovered the importance of time management and having a well-planned work schedule in all facets of my job. To preserve the good name of the business, I am aware that I must be patient, courteous, and successful in my communication.

Do you believe that a driver must be in good physical and mental health to carry out their duties?

You want your drivers to carry out their responsibilities in a reliable manner at all times. Additionally, you want a driver that is physically capable of changing tires or delivering packages.

Suitable Answer: The ability to move quickly and be physically fit are requirements for a driver. I work out frequently to keep myself physically and mentally strong, which has helped me get beyond several physical obstacles at work.

If you were in a collision, what would be your initial response?

If the candidate has mastered fundamental emergency response and traffic safety procedures, it will be clear from their response to this question. You want to work with a driver who will act swiftly and legally in the event of an accident.

Suitable Answer: When I got in a small accident in Ontario, the first thing I did was call my supervisor. The driver of the other car had a small wound, so I contacted 911 and administered first aid as we waited for assistance. For the sake of the insurance claim, I took photos at the site.

Is your driving record reputable?

The applicant should exhibit confidence in their ability to drive safely and honestly when responding to this question.

Suitable Answer: I was handed a 40,000 Naira fine five years ago in Abuja after being stopped for speeding. I had to get my boss to the airport quickly. I’ve learned to take speed limit signs seriously, and I’ve gotten better at managing my time.

You might put in a lot of overtime while driving for us. How will you stay focused?

The applicant should state the maximum number of hours they can put in without being distracted. Some drivers feel uncomfortable surpassing their typical driving hours because driving for extended periods without rest can be risky.

Suitable Answer:  I’ve made it a habit to take breaks no more frequently than every 14 hours. However, I take my job seriously and am willing to go above and beyond when necessary to fulfill an urgent deadline and the needs of the business.

Are you open to working on weekends and holidays?

It is crucial to know whether the driver you plan to hire is available on holidays and weekends. The driver should state whether they agree or disagree with the suggestion.

Suitable Answer: In all of my prior employment, I have consistently worked on the weekends and holidays as required by my employers. Except for emergencies, I like to be informed in advance if I’ll be working on the weekend or on a holiday. Working on holidays is my favorite because there is less city traffic.

We anticipate that you will be in charge of vehicle upkeep. Which maintenance jobs are you experienced with?

To guarantee that the business’s vehicles last as long as possible, you want to hire a driver who makes sure they are well-maintained. The ideal applicant would have experience with basic maintenance procedures.

Suitable Answer: My interest is making sure the car I’m given is always in good shape. I am aware that, in addition to efficiency, the company’s image is represented by the vehicles, so they must be well maintained. I am knowledgeable about routine maintenance procedures like…

How would you handle a testy customer or worker who jeopardizes your reputation as a driver?

You want a driver that accepts criticism and unfavorable comments from customers without taking them personally. At all times, the candidate should exhibit emotional intelligence.

Suitable Answer: I’ve dealt with challenging customers in the past, and I’ve learned that I have to remain calm when it does. For me, the best way to resolve a disagreement is to maintain a required silence. I take action, such as notifying my supervisor if it affects my performance if the mistreatment continues.

What do you find most alluring about driving for us, in your opinion?

You want the candidate to show that they performed their homework on your business. Prior investigation reveals the candidate’s enthusiasm, eagerness, and desire to work for you.

Suitable Answer:  According to your website, if employees meet your standards, they are all given one annual promotion. I am also thrilled to be employed by a business with such a stellar reputation and a track record of success in retaining both employees and stockholders.

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