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Common Internship Interview Questions Answers

Common Internship Interview Questions Answers

An internship may be the first step in launching a career for many students. Reviewing these typical internship interview questions will help you prepare if you’re anxious for the interview. If you are interested in internship roles, this post is for you.

Common Internship Interview Questions Answers

These sample internship interview questions and responses might help you get a better idea of the kinds of questions that may be asked during a job interview and how to properly respond to them. Naturally, you’ll need to tailor the responses to reflect your own educational and professional background.

Skills Questions

What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

Suitable Answer: My inability to present in class and talk in front of groups of people is my biggest shortcoming. I joined the debate club at my college to try to combat this. This relates to my proactivity, which is one of my biggest strengths. When a problem arises, I start thinking of a solution right away.

Do you have any leadership experience?

Suitable Answer: I’ve been the editor-in-chief of my campus newspaper for the last two years. I managed a small production budget, oversaw a group of 12 student writers, and was in charge of making sure all publication deadlines were met.

Situational Questions

Can you describe a period when you had to overcome a difficult obstacle in order to finish an assignment at work or in school?

Suitable Answer: We had one week till the due date for a group assignment when I recognized that some of the data might have been skewed. I scheduled a night where we all went through our data together after organizing the group. The mistakes turned out to be less significant than we had anticipated, and we were able to resolve them together.

Can you tell us about a time when you used Excel to manage a project?

Suitable Answer: I utilized Excel to keep track of all the various data points we were gathering for a group project for my marketing class. This gave me the opportunity to examine the data and produce graphs showcasing trends, which we could subsequently emphasize in our group presentation.

Education Experience Questions

Why did you choose the school you are studying at and course?

Suitable Answer: I thought I wanted to be a doctor in high school, so I picked this school because of its top-notch pre-medical program. However, reality later dawned on me despite my continued love of biology and science, I wasn’t cut out for a career in patient care. I’m much more interested in research.

Which college classes do you think helped best prepare you for this role?

Suitable Answer: My two-semester Introduction to Accounting course from this past year, in my opinion, prepared me for this internship. While interning, I intend to put the knowledge I gained in this class to work.

Career Experience Questions

What two key competencies did you gain from your most recent internship, job, or volunteer position?

Suitable Answer:  In my previous position as a restaurant server, I think the two most crucial skills I acquired were communication and time management. In this position, I gained knowledge on how to handle challenging customer encounters professionally, how to express myself properly when a problem arises, and how to successfully manage my time while serving numerous clients at once.

Could you briefly describe your duties as the president of the collegiate club you mentioned on your resume?

Suitable Answer: As the Young Environmentalists Club’s president, I assisted in choosing the service projects we should undertake, developed the benchmarks for project success, and oversaw the funding for each project.

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Hypothetical Questions

What steps would you take if you and another intern couldn’t agree on how to proceed with a project?

Suitable Answer: I would first go back and look over previous emails and meeting notes regarding the project to see if any next steps were made apparent. The other intern and I would ask to meet with our boss to make sure we are all in agreement about what we need to be working on to advance the project if I can’t locate any notes on what the next steps should be.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Suitable Answer: I hope to be employed in digital marketing in five years. I’d like to be working in a position that specializes in managing social media campaigns by that time.

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