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Career Paths with the Most Opportunities

Every job seeker’s dream is to work at a job they love and get paid handsomely. For most people, this means finding an industry that they are interested in and pursuing the most lucrative jobs in it. From this article, you would get an insight into 10 lucrative career paths that are expected to have the most opportunities for a long time.

1. Data Science

Data science offers a wide variety of job positions such as Data Analyst, Programmer, Data engineer, Product designer, and so on. It is a highly technical career path that requires enthusiasts to have background knowledge of coding, machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), statistics, computer science, operating systems, data visualization and representation, and so on. Data scientists create the frameworks that allow business firms (or personal establishments) to collect and analyze their data. Information deduced from this analysis help the companies make necessary adjustments to improve their businesses.

 Experts in this career path used to only work in tech companies, however, with the current influx of businesses into the digital space, data scientists now work anywhere and everywhere. The job roles for a data scientist often attract a loaded paycheck and an hourly pay instead of a salary. Most job opportunities for a data scientist are fully remote.

Like most tech-based careers, it is easy to navigate your way into a senior-level position with a higher income when you start. Getting into the workforce, however, is not so easy. See this article for more insight on how to get into tech with no experience.

2. Information Management

Information managers are also known as Information System Managers (IS) are the IT guys of every organization. They are responsible for protecting the company’s sensitive information, developing cyber security strategies, making recommendations for improvement in data security, and overseeing the implementation of such policies. They are required to regularly evaluate the company’s current technology and stay updated on relevant upgrades and practices that should be adopted for improvement.

All technology-related issues regarding hardware and software, from a breach in cybersecurity to faulty network cables, are reported to the IS manager. Job roles in Information management include computer engineers, information technology specialists, document controllers, information security analysts, and so on.

A typical IS manager will be very knowledgeable in all things regarding cybersecurity and the use of technology and can switch between job roles as needed. The most attractive perk about this career path apart from the pay, is the versatility that comes with it. Working in any role in information management, you earn transferrable skills that come in handy if you ever want to switch career paths.

3. Finance Management

A finance manager is responsible for keeping a record of, and analyzing a company’s financial transactions, and offering expert advice to help the company make smarter financial decisions. Most times, financial managers work with agencies that are then contracted by companies to audit their financial records, however, they can also be employed by an organization. Depending on the company’s needs, experts in this career may be required to conduct research to identify the reason for an organization’s low revenue and come up with solutions to fix it. They are responsible for setting financial goals for the company, preparing financial reports, and strategizing on ways to increase to alleviate the organization’s financial burden and generate more revenue.

Job positions in this career path include financial analysts, accountants, auditors, asset managers, and so on. A typical finance manager has background knowledge in business finance, business administration, or any related field.

4. Health

The health sector is another industry that has a lot of opportunities. Lucrative job positions in this career path include doctors, nurses, medical representatives, pharmacists, specialists/consultants, and so on. Doctors are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, while nurses provide medical care and support to in-patients. Nurses manage a wide variety of patient-related tasks, including dressing wounds, updating medical records, and assisting with surgeries. The med reps are charged with the responsibility of providing pharmaceuticals to hospitals and other healthcare establishments.

Healthcare professionals are always in demand because their expertise counts as an essential service that the human race cannot do without. The average healthcare personnel earns NGN300, 000 monthly – pay varies based on the exact job position, location, and kind of healthcare facility. To get a job in the health sector, however, one needs a degree in a health-related course and some years of experience which can be gotten from internships and by volunteering for noble causes.

5. Sales and Marketing

Job roles in this industry include sales representatives, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, sales engineers, brand promoters, and so on. These experts are responsible for boosting a brand or company’s revenue by sourcing for and pitching to potential clients, in a bid to convert them to paying customers. Sales engineers, however, particularly work to promote products of tech companies. They are responsible for installing software or other equipment for customers, and offering support should any complications arise while the product is in use.

6. Writing and Editing

The writing industry has seen a surge in demand in recent times because of the increase in digital marketing and business operations. Companies need content writers to write engaging content for their blog sites and websites, and copywriters to draft compelling copy for conversions via sales pages, e-mails, funnels, and social media posts. Technical writers are also needed to translate complex ideas into easy-to-understand instruction manuals and help guides for users of technology products and services. A typical technical writer should have a great command of the English language (and speak an extra language fluently as well), and knowledge of simple programming languages like JavaScript and C++ to effectively translate them.

Every written piece equally requires the expertise of a good editor, to polish the content structure, and smooth out any errors. Job positions in this career path include content writers, copywriters, content editors, copy editors, content strategists, content managers, and so on. Translators and transcribers also fall into this category.

7. Software and Web Development

Software developers and engineers, web builders, web designs, UI/UX designers, and graphic designers are examples of job roles that are in demand in this industry. A software engineer designs and develops relevant software for companies. The major skills necessary for this career path are coding and programming skills. One attribute of this career path that makes it very lucrative is the fact that it does not require a degree to get started. The necessary skills can be acquired from a Datacamp, or Bootcamp, or from personal training, with resources from e-learning platforms.

When vacancies for job roles in this career path are publicized, employers value skill and experience over qualifications.

8. Brand management

This career path is for job roles like brand strategists, social media managers, advertisement managers, project managers, brand consultants, and so on. Experts in this career path are responsible for brand promotion and growth. While the social media managers and advertisement managers focus on growing the brand’s online presence, brand consultants, strategists, and project managers aim at building the company totally, online and offline too.

9. Database Administration

Database administrators are responsible for maintaining a company’s database systems. They ensure that the company’s data is securely stored and can be easily retrieved when needed. These experts are required to upload data into the database and organize it in storage. They keep a close watch on the database, to identify any problems with the database and fix them, to ensure that the database is working optimally.

Database administrators are required to have a degree in information technology, computer science, data science, or any related field. They work in collaboration with the company’s IT department, and other members of the tech team.

10. Human Resources and Customer Service.

This covers the public relations manager, the HR manager, the customer care representative, and so on. Their services are essential in every company, as they are experts in interpersonal relations and interpretation of human behaviors. The public relations manager and the customer care representative act as the company’s channels of communication with the public, while the HR department serves as the communication channel with the employees. Experts in this niche should typically have a degree in humanities or any other related course, however, recent employers are prioritizing possession of relevant soft skills over qualifications.

Choose a Career Path Today.

Dear job seeker, life doesn’t always give us what we want, but that should not stop us from striving to get it. These are 10 lucrative career paths that have the most opportunities, feel free to pick one that interests you, acquire the relevant skills (or degree), and shoot your shot. I hope you have a smooth transition!

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