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Career Opportunities in Marketing and Advertising

The marketing and advertisement industry is very popular and also competitive. Marketing is used in every company regardless of industry, which makes it a career path with lots of opportunities. For most employers, all that is required to land a marketing role in their company is good networking and negotiating skills, backed up with relevant marketing experience. This is what makes it an easy career to get into. A marketer is responsible for promoting a brand’s products to their target audience and effectively converting them to paying customers. There are five niches of marketing and advertising that are brimming with career opportunities to be explored by marketing graduates and enthusiasts, they include:

1. Market Survey and Research

The data analyst, research manager, financial analyst, and brand strategist are found in this niche. Experts in this niche focus on analyzing a brand’s target audience. The goal is to understand their needs, buying habits, pain points, response to new products, and their frequented social media channels. Brands also research their competitors, to see their unique selling points, and what makes their business thrive. The knowledge gotten from market research is the basis for every marketing decision made in the company. It influences the type of product the brand will specialize in, the digital channel they will focus advertisement campaigns on (strategic positioning), pricing, and so on.

A typical market analyst should be analytical and a critical thinker. He must be able to understand and interpret human behaviors correctly. The ability to gather numeric and analog data, organize, analyze, and interpret it effectively, is a must-have to be successful in this niche.

2. Brand Management

Job positions in this niche include brand manager, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, product manager, product development manager, and project manager. This is the career path in marketing and advertising whose impact is more felt than seen. Brand managers are tasked with the responsibility of establishing a brand, grooming it till it is ready for launch, and ensuring that it thrives even after the launch. They are the ones who build brand integrity and oversee all smaller marketing teams in the company.

Brand managers analyze an organization’s competitors, and brainstorm ways for the brand to be better than them. They are the ones who come up with the USP idea and communicate the benefits beautifully. A brand manager works together with the research team, sets the agenda and criteria for their findings, and develops a marketing strategy from the result presented by the team.  

New product ideas, advertisement campaigns, promotions, and all other marketing functions must align with the vision behind the marketing strategy developed by the brand manager. The product manager gives feedback on the progress with production to the marketing team, while the product development manager brainstorms product ideas to fit in the vision created by the brand manager. The project manager oversees all teams to ensure the proper execution of assigned tasks.

The demands of a job role in this niche are constantly changing, hence, a marketing professional interested in this niche must be flexible and able to easily adapt to change. He should also possess the ability to be a self-starter when necessary, and a good team player.

3. Advertising

Job roles in this niche include advertising managers, advertising art directors, digital copywriters, sales directors, media coordinators, media buyers and directors, account executives, and account planners. Advertising is concerned with all aspects of marketing strategy, from conception to execution.

 Account managers are the connection between the brand’s departments and their clients. The job of an account manager is to oversee the execution of advertisements, ensuring that they are accomplished within the specified budget, and time allotted. Account planners are consumer-oriented. They are responsible for researching the demographics of the brand’s target audience to inform ad positioning. Media buyers act as social media strategists, they use the result of the demographic study conducted by the account planners to select the best media to buy space for ad placement.

Marketing experts who specialize in this niche are mostly found in advertisement agencies, media companies, marketing research firms, and the marketing team of organizations. Apart from a marketing degree and knowledge of google analytics, advertisement managers are required to be creative and innovative.

4. Promotion

Job positions in this niche include social media managers, promotions directors, media and publicity officers, digital marketers, web content managers, content creators, and affiliate marketers. The promotions team in any company’s marketing department is responsible for creating programs that drive traffic to the brand’s site and promoting new products. They brainstorm product introduction ideas and brand promotion programs. They often work together with the advertising team to offer incentives to loyal customers such as discounts, loyalty bonuses, giveaways of free samples, sweepstakes, and gift vouchers. The promotion team may also organize special events such as product endorsement programs, and sponsorships for more publicity. The end goal of the promotion team is to increase sales and generate more revenue

This career part in marketing and advertising prioritizes skills over qualifications.

5. Public Relations

Job positions in this niche include public relations officers, customer support officers, public relations consultants, account executives, and human resource managers. The public relations team members are the spokespersons for the company. They manage communications with the press, clients, employees, stakeholders, and members of the public.

 They are responsible for organizing previews of new products to give stakeholders and selected members of the public a sneak peek before the launch. It is the public relations team that handles press releases about new product launches, sponsorships, and collaboration offers.

The goal of the public relations team is to portray a positive image of the company to the public, uphold brand integrity, and maintain a good reputation for the organization.

Key skills required to be successful in this niche include good verbal and written communication, interpersonal relations skills, quick thinking ability, assertive nature, and ability to work well with a team. A typical public relations officer should be able to work well under pressure, be persuasive, and be great at public speaking.

Is a Career in Marketing and Advertising a Good Choice?

The average marketing professional in Nigeria earns at least NGN300,000 monthly. In addition to a fat paycheck, a job role in marketing allows you to tap into your creative side and gives you a flexible work schedule. However, working in the marketing department, you must be prepared to work late hours when necessary and work well under pressure. Marketing professionals often work with strict deadlines and set targets, hence they are always working. A job in the marketing and advertising industry is demanding, however, it is also very lucrative as companies are always on the hunt for marketers that can grow their revenue.

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