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Career Opportunities in Hospitality Management

When we think of hospitality management, we think of hotels, restaurants, and tourism centers. However, although these places are business establishments under the umbrella of hospitality management, starting a career in the industry is not limited to getting a job in those places. The industry has five main niches; Guest relations, Food and Beverages, Event Planning, Tourism Management, and Entertainment. While some job opportunities in any of these niches may require a degree in hospitality management, some others are entry-level positions and only require skill and a little bit of prior experience. Here is a list of some of the most lucrative career opportunities in hospitality management, according to the niches enumerated above.

Career Opportunities in Guest Relations

This niche of hospitality management is customer service oriented. People who love to interact with people and are comfortable with crowds will thrive in this niche. The most lucrative career opportunities in this niche are in hotel management. They include:

1. Front Desk Manager

The front desk manager is responsible for keeping a track record of the activities that happen in the hotel daily. He records the inflow and outflow of customers, and employees. He also has to maintain guest accounts, and coordinate payments made in the hotel.

2. Housekeeping Supervisor

This hospitality management expert is expected to oversee the hotel’s housekeeping staff. He is in charge of keeping the hotel clean and appealing. He maintains hygiene supplies and regulates the hiring process of the housekeeping staff.

3. Receptionist

The receptionist in hotels functions in the same capacity as one in any other establishment. He is responsible for attending to inquiries from patrons and directing them to the front desk manager for lodging transactions. The receptionist is also the one who receives calls of complaints from enrolled guests. After receiving such calls, he directs them to the professionals who can resolve them, and keeps the patron abreast till the issue is effectively resolved. He books all relevant appoints and schedules necessary meetings.

4. Hotel Concierge

This is an entry-level position in hotel management. Regardless of the low level of qualification required, it attracts a nice paycheck, and sometimes a hefty tip from grateful customers as well. The hotel concierge works in the capacity of a porter, helping guests move their luggage to their assigned rooms, and running any other relevant errands for them within the hotel’s premises.

5. Sommelier

Sommeliers often work in five-star hotels or restaurants that promote fine dining. They are regarded as wine experts, and participate in wine tastings to give recommendations to guests, and help the in-house chefs update their wine listings.

Career Opportunities in Food and Beverages

This niche consists of businesses that are into the production and distribution of edible goods. This is the part of hospitality management where restaurants, bars, breweries, supermarkets, grocery stores, and finger food joints thrive. Career opportunities in this niche of hospitality management include:

1. Restaurant Manager

The role of a restaurant manager is to ensure that the establishment is operating at an optimal frequency. They are often hired on a contract basis and may be responsible for overseeing a chain of restaurants. This role requires a degree in hospitality management.

2. Host or Hostess

The role of a host or hostess in a restaurant is to greet high-profile guests with a friendly smile and sort out their bookings and reservations on their behalf. He may also give them a light tour of the hotel, pointing out picture-perfect areas and relaxation and entertainment spots. He has to ensure that the patrons have the best customer experience possible. Requirements for this job role are usually just great communication and interpersonal relation skills, and experience working in a related career in hospitality and management. It is an entry-level position and recruits are often trained on the job.

3. Chef

The chef in a restaurant is tasked with the role of making tasty meals to be offered to guests. Most restaurants have more than one chef and have their chefs specialize in different kinds of meals, for better efficiency. For example, a high-end restaurant may have a noodles chef, a rice chef, a soup chef, a chef for only intercontinental meals, another for just indigenous meals, and so on.

4. Pastry Chef

A pastry chef supplies restaurants and hotels with baked goods and finger food. While they mostly work with restaurants on a contract basis, it is not unlikely to have them work full-time.

5. Catering Assistant

A catering assistant is mostly active at restaurants that offer event catering services. They may work with an affiliated catering agency or full-time at the restaurant. They have to organize bookings and bulk orders and oversee production.

6. Grocery Clerk

A grocery clerk is tasked with the duty of restocking and rearranging the store after each day’s sales. They may also be required to keep adjusting the arrangement of things in the store throughout the day, to keep the store looking good.

7. Cashier

Career Opportunities in Tourism Management

Tourism is one of the best revenue generators in most countries. Tourist attractions are always in demand by school kids on holidays, families on vacation, or CEOs looking to unwind. Hence, job roles in this industry are always in demand howbeit seasonal. An attractive perk of starting a career in hospitality management in tourism is the travel opportunities that come with job roles like that of a flight attendant and a cruise director. Other lucrative career opportunities in this niche include:

1. Travel Agent

A travel agent helps people plan vacations and business trips, by recommending great locations and researching the best flight deals, hotels, restaurants, and transport companies for their use on the trip. Travel agents are often hired by travel agencies. However, they may be found in hotels as well, to offer their services to patrons on a travel tour.

2. Tour Guide

Tour guides are required to have in-depth knowledge of the cities and states they work at. They give recommendations to visitors on tour, on worthy locations and monuments for site-seeing, best cuisines and wines to try out, and answer inquiries from tourists specific to the tour.

3. Cruise Ship Director

A cruise ship director is the one in charge of navigating the available cruise ships for guests who may want a trip or want to host an event on the boat. All reservations for the cruise ship are made to the director. He is often hired by resorts and high-end hotels that can afford a cruise ship, however, he may also be hired by individuals who own one as well.

Career Opportunities in Event Planning

Event planning is an essential service in the hospitality management industry. It involves a great deal of planning, organization, and customer interaction. To excel in a career in this niche, you should be flexible, great at budgeting and finance management, and possess the ability to multitask effectively.

1. Event Planner

Event planners are organization experts responsible for planning important programs or events on behalf of clients. They take care of every detail, from hiring relevant professionals, to booking venues making a budget and sticking to it, and cleaning up after the event is over. An event planner is expected to be great at planning and budgeting.

2. Interior Designer

Interior designers are often hired by event planners to beautify venues to be used for programs, following a particular theme or style. They also work with interior decorators to prepare a building or office complex for a brand launch or housewarming.

3. Wedding Planner / Bridal Consultant

A wedding planner is an event planner who specializes in planning weddings and bridal showers. They are hired on a contract basis to oversee the planning of the wedding service, reception, guest list, refreshment and entertainment, and even seating charts. The bridal consultant gives the bride-to-be expert advice on selecting her wedding gown, planning the bridal shower, and picking wedding colors, cake designs, and wine brands.

4. Conference Organizer

These professionals are often hired by the proposed venue to work with the host’s event planner. They take care of seating arrangements, set-ups for presentation equipment, and other relevant arrangements, to ensure the program runs smoothly.

5. Photographer

Photographers may be hired by a hotel, resort, event venue, or patron to capture beautiful memories as the guests have a wonderful time.

Career Opportunities in Entertainment and Leisure

This niche in the hospitality management industry aims to provide a pleasurable customer experience that patrons can enjoy in their leisure time. Entertainment centers are often found around areas of tourist attractions, to draw the attention of tourists. However, they also exist in areas without tourist attractions – the only criterion is that the region must be a busy one. Examples of entertainment establishments include karaoke bars, game centers, amusement parks, hair salons, spas and beauty parlors, and lounges. Some of the most lucrative career opportunities in this niche include:

1. Disk Jockey (DJ)

The DJ is the entertainment expert in charge of keeping guests grooving with beats, vibes, and good music. The style of music played by the DJ is determined by the theme of the program, the kind of event it is, and the mood of the guests.

2. Spa Directors

Spas are great for relaxation and aromatherapy. Spa directors oversee the affairs of a spa or beauty parlor. They are in charge of scheduling appointments, maintaining inventory, keeping a track record of the inflow and outflow of guests and employees, and disbursing maintenance funds as needed.

3. Masseurs

Masseurs are massage therapists. They work in spas to give patrons massage therapy that helps relax their muscles and soothes the skin, using essential oils. A degree may or may not be needed to get a job in this role, but some level of experience will be required. New masseurs are assigned a supervisor for their first week (or month) to give them the relevant training before they are allowed to work independently.

4. Nail Technician

A nail technician is an entertainment expert who specializes in nail care. They are great at maintaining nail hygiene, and fixing nail extensions in beautiful designs as preferred by their clients. They work in spas and beauty parlors.

5. Manicure and Pedicure specialist

Manicure and pedicure specialists are professionals who carry out treatments and pampering sessions on clients’ hands and feet in a spa or beauty parlor.

6. Skincare Specialist

These professionals perform facials, waxing, and other forms of skincare treatment on clients in a spa or beauty parlor. Skincare specialists are expected to have a vast knowledge of creams, ointments, and essential oils that are great for skin care.

7. Hair Stylist

A hairstylist works in a salon and takes care of hair styling and treatment of customers’ hair.

8. Game Manager

Also addressed as Park Managers, game park managers oversee the affairs of the leisure center. They host promotional events, plan giveaways, and so on, and are responsible for maintenance.

How to Start a Career in Hospitality Management

  • Undergo relevant training and acquire the necessary skills for your preferred career path.
  • Apply to job listings on job search sites like HubforJobs.
  • Register with an agency.
  • Volunteer to work for free with your desired establishment to gain experience.
  • Spread the word via social media and in-person networking.

Is a Career in Hospitality Management Worth It?

A career in hospitality management goes beyond becoming an employee. The industry also favors entrepreneurship and provides a healthy breeding ground for small businesses and solopreneurs to thrive. It is a career path that has a lot of growth opportunities. If you like to interact with people and like to work hands-on, you will have a swell time on this career path.

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