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Career Day Overview

School children look forward to career day as an opportunity to dress up in fancy costumes like the kind they see their parents wear often. However, there is more to this event than the oversized lab coats and toy stethoscopes.

What is Career Day?

Career day is an event organized by school authorities, where experts from different vocations are allowed the opportunity to share insights into their careers with students.

 The Purpose of This Event is to:

  1. Familiarize students with the different career opportunities open to their subject combinations and inform their choice of occupations in the future.
  2. Help the student relate what they learn in school with experiences gained in the workplace.
  3. Allow students the privilege to connect with professionals in their desired industry for mentorship purposes.
  4. Help students discover potential career options that best suit their interests.
  5. It is also an opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired in school concerning their dream careers.  

A typical Career Day Event will showcase the Following Activities:

  1. A brief word exposition on the importance of career day.
  2. An introductory session where all the different career opportunities available to students are listed according to their subject combinations.
  3. Demonstrations by students in which they show off their various costumes and knowledge of the profession they represent.
  4. Presentation from professionals in different fields.
  5. A question and answer session where students ask and receive answers to questions raised from areas of concern in the course of the presentations.
  6. Workshops where students are involved in practical career-related activities like preparing a resume, practicing for a job interview, and so on.
  7. A meet and greet session where students can meet the available professionals one-on-one, connect, and network.

Tips for a Great Career Day Presentation Include:

  1. Give an honest job review.
  2. Use visuals in your presentation
  3. Encourage students’ interaction by asking questions and giving rewards for the correct answers.
  4. Share an embarrassing work experience as part of your presentation to lighten the atmosphere.
  5. Take breaks and accept questions from students during your presentation; make sure to limit the number of questions they can ask so it doesn’t get rowdy.

A big part of the Career Day event that students, teachers, and parents alike look forward to, is the presentation by students in their various costumes.

Fabulous Costume Ideas for Career Day Include:

A Health Professional

This is the most popular profession to costume. It is easy for a child to talk about what a doctor/lab scientist/dentist/nurse does because the child has most likely already had a first-hand experience with that health personnel’s work.

How to dress like a professional in the Medical Profession:

Dress your child in a lab coat, face mask, and stethoscope, and he can pass for a doctor. Add a pair of goggles and hand gloves to the ensemble (ditch the stethoscope) and he becomes a lab scientist. Dress him up in scrubs, headgear, and hand gloves, and he becomes a career day surgeon.

A Lawyer

This is another popular profession commonly costumed on career day. Remember to equip your child with information on what a lawyer does before sending him to school in this costume.

How to Dress Like a Lawyer

It might be difficult to get the coat and wig that lawyers wear at court unless a relative works in that profession. A perfect alternative that still has the same effect, is a business suit and a briefcase. Prepare a folder packed with papers for your child to hold in addition to the briefcase, and the child is good to go.

An Engineer

The engineer costume is easy to put together as toy engineering tools are often sold in kiddies’ shops.

How to Dress Like an Engineer

Coveralls on a pair of safety boots with a hard hat and a box of toy work tools will do just fine.

A Law Enforcement Officer

This is another profession that children can easily relate to because they often see police officers and army officers on their way to school.

How to Dress like a Law Enforcement Officer

A plain brown or black polo over camouflage pants with combat boots will quickly transform your child into an army officer. A black button-down shirt tucked into black pants and combat boots will give the police officer effect.

Easier Costume Ideas Include:
  1. Depict a Chef with an apron, headgear, and a cooking utensil on hand.
  2. Dress like a Tech guy (Web developer, Data Analyst, UI/UX Designer) with a pair of nerdy glasses, a polo, and a jean ensemble, and top it off with a plaid shirt and a laptop.
  3. Depict a photographer with a pair of jeans and a shirt and a camera.
  4. Showcase the child dressed like a celebrity in a flamboyant outfit and a toy microphone.
  5. A formal skirt and blouse ensemble will work to transform your child into a receptionist. Add a headset or a pair of earphones and a telephone, and your child now works in customer care.

Although Career days are more popular in primary and secondary schools, It also exists outside of these establishments; in the labor market, it is called a Career Fair.

Career fairs are events where recruiters from reputable companies in different industries, meet with university graduates and interact. It is an opportunity for job seekers to connect with experts in their field, network, and even get jobs. Employers look out for qualified candidates to fill job vacancies in their companies at these career fairs.

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