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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

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Consumer service is also very commonly referred to as customer service. The term covers all essential services that are provided directly to individuals. They are divided into four main categories of Education Services, Health and Social Services, Leisure and Hospitality Services, and Retail and Wholesale services. The average earnings for a consumer service position in Nigeria currently, is NGN 250,000 per year. The lowest pay range is estimated to be NGN43,000 – NGN44,000 per month. In the US, the current average salary for a consumer service representative is $15.17 ( approx. NGN7,600) per hour. If you’re looking to start your career in consumer services, we have compiled a list of the best-paying jobs in consumer services for you.

What Companies Are In Consumer Services Field?

For more insight, companies in the consumer services field in Nigeria include:

  • Telecommunication companies, for example; Airtel, MTN
  • Banks like; Zenith, UBA, and so on.
  • Courier Companies like; DHL
  • Insurance Companies like; Leadway, Mansard
  • Internet Service Providers; Smile
  • Oil and Gas Companies; Total
  • Travel and Tour Companies; Wakanow
  • HMO Companies; Hygeia, Reliance
  • Pharmaceuticals; Emzor
  • Construction Companies; Julius Berger.

Fun facts:

  • AFP; a subsidiary of Julius Berger, won the Best Consumer Experience Company in Nigeria award, in 2021.
  • In 2020, Zenith Bank ranked No.1 on the list of Customer Experience Leaders in the retail category of the Nigerian banking sector.
  • In 2018, Smile was hailed as the internet provider with the best customer service.

Is Consumer Service A Good Career Path?

To establish a good career in consumer services, you’ll need an abundance of soft skills; interpersonal skills, communication skills, listening skills, and so on. so if you don’t do well under stress or your temper is always on a short fuse, this is not the right path for you.

That said, there are very attractive perks to the job; besides the pay of course:

  • You get a first-hand experience with your company’s products and services. Before they hit the market, you already know all there is about them, and have formed your own opinions.
  • Because it is in your job description to know the product so intimately, you might be able to build it too.
  • There is so much room to grow. In the course of carrying out your duties, you develop valuable skills that may be in demand in another role, and you’ll fit right in.
  • Your social skills will blossom. You’ll get better at understanding and connecting with people.
  • You get to work from home some days!
  • You’ll have several opportunities to expand your network.
  • Little experience and training are required for most of the positions.
  • You would gradually gain mastery of different social platforms.

There are also some not-so-great things to consider:

  • You’ll get very familiar with feelings of stress and emotional fatigue. Customers show up in different moods and some will be terrible to deal with.
  • Responsibilities may leave you feeling overwhelmed.
  • Your schedule is not cast in stone and may be easily changed. On the bright side, for additional work hours, you get extra pay.

Now, the answer to your question: what are the best paying jobs in consumer services?

Entry Level Positions in Consumer Services that Require Little or No Training Include:

  1. Personal Concierge

In this position, your duties are to run errands, and manage schedules; like a PA. Personal Concierges are mostly hired for celebrities, important persons attending a VIP event, or very wealthy people. It is an entry-level position and doesn’t require special training.

2. Guest Service Agent

A guest service agent is usually hired by the hotel, to attend to guests’ needs as far as checking in. In an entry-level position as well, all the training that is required is done by an assigned supervisor for a short duration.

3. Hotel Concierge

A hotel concierge has a similar job description as a personal concierge. However, the hotel concierge is hired by the hotel and is only mandated to wait on guests for the duration of their stay. Their duties to the guest are limited to the confines of the hotel property, except when trips are necessary. When trips are involved, extra pay is too of course.

4. Restaurant Host or Hostess

An entry-level position as well, the host/hostess’s duties are to welcome guests and ensure their comfort throughout their patronage.

5. Call Center Representative

This is an entry-level position that is most times, remote. The call center representative offers information on the company’s products and services over the phone. They are trained to answer questions and attend to any challenges the customers might have.

6. Online Chat Support

Similar to the call center rep, the online chat support officer attends to the needs of customers online. He manages orders, schedules events and appointments, and addresses complaints from the online community.

7. Retail Customer Support

Returned items, complaints of missing or lost transit items, and so on, are handled by the retail customer support officer.

Other Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services:

These ones require some level of skill and training, and certification as well.

  • Help Desk Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Client Services Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Bank Teller
  • Account Manager
  • Account Coordinator
  • Flight Attendant

With pay ranging from NGN45,000 to NGN100,000 per month, these are the best-paying jobs in consumer services in Nigeria currently. To get notified of job postings on any of these positions, sign up with us.

I hope you found this helpful.

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