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Best Apps that Improve Work Productivity for Remote Employees

Remote work is becoming quite popular as a lot of companies are transitioning, it saves money for employers and saves time for employees. However, most people struggle to remain productive when working remotely, especially at the beginning of their company’s transition. This is why the Internet of Things (IoT) has come up with apps and digital tools that can help improve remote employees’ work productivity and boost the virtual team’s efficiency. Read till the end, a lot of these apps come in handy for everyday productivity that isn’t work-related as well.

Great Apps that Improve Productivity Include:

These set of apps work best for planning schedules.

1. Calendly

The biggest problem remote employees face is dealing with several members of the same team having different work schedules because of the difference in time zones. Calendly solves that for you by letting you set your available times on the app, which will be visible to other members of your team. You can then schedule meetings to align with a date and time that is free for everyone based on their stated “times I’m free” on Calendly. The app will take care to send all invited colleagues confirmation emails and reminders on your behalf, so you don’t have to do that.

2. Doodle

Doodle takes care of the inquiry for everyone’s free time on your behalf. It sends a scheduling survey to everyone concerned and has them tick time slots that work for them to attend the proposed meeting. A compiled list of the best times to fix that meeting in the day (deduced from the survey) is then sent to you.

3. Float

The beautiful thing about Float is that it makes it possible for you to see everyone’s roles, work schedules, productive work hours, and free time, at a glance. It is perfect for planning and managing projects that need everyone’s two cents to bring to completion as a team. Float shows you a project’s milestones, current status, and budget allocation with their reporting tool. In a nutshell, this app should be every manager’s favorite tool, and every project manager’s carefully hidden secret.

Apps Perfect for Team Management

Remote teams often have to over-communicate via tons of meeting to keep the team spirit alive and maintain workflow. Therefore if you work as part of a team, you might need to employ the use of several apps for scheduling, organization, project management, and so on, and the time spent keeping track of all those apps is time that could be spent being productive. Thankfully, more software has been developed in recent times that cater to all the team’s needs in one app. They include:

4. ProofHub

Key features that make ProofHub stand out include in-app chats, markup tools, timesheets, a team calendar for scheduling meetings, and a central storage cloud. Using ProofHub, everyone gets general announcements on their dashboards at the same time and shares the same calendar for better cohesiveness. The app also keeps track of the progress of the team’s project and makes it possible to invite clients to see for themselves the journey to the project’s execution.

5. Qatalog

Qatalog is a virtual hub that gives room for team members to communicate, collaborate, and deliberate on the set project, on a single platform. On Qatalog, team leads can set individual and team goals and deadlines, and monitor everyone’s progress simultaneously. The app also allows integrations with other relevant digital tools which make it easy to get tasks done on time without shuttling between several different apps.

6. Twist

Twist is a communication tool that lets you maximize the work-from-home experience without compromising communication. This software keeps track of messages under the same topic, by storing them in threads for easy accessibility when needed for reference. It even has settings that let you turn off notifications and focus on work while you’re working on a project. The most attractive perk about this communication tool is that you can integrate Twist with apps like GitHub and Google drive for easy access to it when you’re working on these other platforms.

Great Apps for Virtual Events

7. Voodle

Voodle allows you to share crucial information with the rest of your team via pre-recorded videos. Team members can watch these videos at their convenient times, and boycott without the pressure of having everyone tune into a live-sharing at the same time especially if they are in different time zones.

8. MeetinVR

Meetings are more engaging and interactive with the use of MeetinVR. This app takes virtual meetings to a different level by staging them in a 3D ambiance, so it gives the realistic feel of being in the training, workshop, or seminar session, in person.

9. Camo-Webcam

This digital tool improves the quality of your videos by enhancing your phone or PC’s camera quality. It can be used in collaboration with Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and other video-sharing social platforms for meetings.

10. Krisp

Krisp is not a virtual meeting tool per se but can come in handy to get rid of background noise while on video conference calls and live workshops. It is also a great digital tool for content creators who make videos for public viewing on social media platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram.

11. Noisli

Noisli provides a vast variety of white noise options to choose from and set as background sound during virtual team-building meetings, live-sharing, or just to listen to while you work.

Apps that Improve Personal Productivity while Working Remotely Include:

Digital tools to track how much time you spent being productive such as:

  • Clockify
  • TimeCamp
  • Toggl

Note-taking apps to help you keep a record of all the tasks you have to get done in a day, such as:

  • Bear
  • Todoist
  • iA Writer

Other apps that come in handy to improve productivity as a professional working from home include:

  1. Instapaper

This app enables you to save articles of interest from the web to read during leisure hours.

  1. Otter

Otter functions in the capacity of a virtual assistant and transcribes all your meetings so you can refer to the notes later.

The Internet is bubbling with digital tools that aim to make the work-from-home experience less stress-free and more productive. The ones mentioned above are only a few in the vast variety of options. Dear remote worker, statistics have proven that you can be as productive (or even more) working at home, as working on-site, don’t let the challenges you face convince you otherwise. Pick any of the apps that improve productivity suggested above, that can provide the solution to your area of concern, and enjoy a more relaxed work experience. All of us at HubforJobs are rooting for you!

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