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 Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

There is a saying that; ‘’we work to eat, not eat to work”. It is true. As long as people continue to make money, they would always want to spend it on things that matter, such as houses and landed properties. This is why the real estate business is very profitable. To acquire these properties, buyers trust real estate agents to guide them on the best time, location, and properties to purchase, that will be suitable for the purpose they have in mind. Becoming a real estate agent in Nigeria, requires training, research, networking, and personal branding. Read through the article for more details.

Necessities for Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria include:

1. Passion.

As with every other job role, success as a real estate agent is fueled by a passion for the job. You should have an interest in landed properties/houses and their architectural framework.

2. Background Knowledge in Architecture.

Connecting people with their dream houses or office space requires that you understand what structures will best suit the standards and requirements, of your client.

3. Marketing and Negotiating Skills

Even though clients want to make the best purchase, they might not have the right budget for it. Thus it will require a great deal of convincing to get the buyer to raise the budget to the one that can fund the purchase. Sometimes they might be skeptical about buying the property selected by the real estate agent. In such an instance, marketing skills will help secure the deal.

4. Training

In addition to a degree in marketing, business, or finance, becoming a real estate agent also requires a certificate in real estate management. There are a few real estate schools in Lagos for this purpose. You can also run a course online.

5. Mentorship

Before launching out as a personal venture, upcoming real estate agents are encouraged to work for a real estate agency first to gain experience and insight from older colleagues in the industry.

Steps to Follow to be a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

  1. Acquire a certificate in real estate management through training.
  2. Obtain a license. You’d need to apply for and pass the real estate exam to get it.
  3. Register with a real estate agency and gain experience for some years.
  4. Connect with other professionals in your industry and build reliable networks.
  5. Build a personal brand, show up to relevant events and participate actively.
  6. Leverage social media and digital technology to give your brand exposure.
  7. Draft out a business plan.
  8. Register your agency with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Visit to get started.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Earn in Nigeria?

Real estate agents earn money from commissions paid for every property sold. The average real estate agent in Nigeria earns approximately NGN300,000 per month.

Pro Tips for Becoming Successful as a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

  1. Respond quickly to leads when they come.
  2. Stay up-to-date on the benefits and challenges of different neighborhoods, fluctuations in the real estate market, as well as changes in pricing strategies.
  3. Search for the best deals for your clients whenever they want to make a purchase. It will keep them coming back, and attract good recommendations.
  4. Always offer professional counsel when necessary.
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