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Applying For Internships After Graduation

Fresh out of college as a graduate, the next thing on your mind is practice. At this point, you’re enthusiastic about putting all you’ve learned into practice, and testing your abilities. Before you apply for your dream job though, consider going for Internships. Internships afford you the opportunity to gain on-field experience while undergoing training, and they only run for a few months. This article is a young school leaver’s guide to applying for internships after graduation.

Why Should You Apply for Internships After Graduation?

One downside to applying for internships is that there are more unpaid internships than paid ones. So you might have to settle for working for free. However, the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages. You should apply for an internship after graduation, because:

  • It is an opportunity to work alongside experts in your field and get direct supervision from them.
  • You get to connect with professionals and build helpful relationships that will last years after your internship is done.
  • You experience firsthand, what being a part of the workforce looks like in your industry. The best part, is you get the experience without the commitment!
  • You acquire tips and tricks that were not included in your textbooks. There are some secrets that can only be unlocked by experience. The internship will show them to you.
  • It will look good on your resume. Recruiters will get the impression that you have a good work ethic and a passion for learning. It also adds up as experience in your resume.
  • In Nigeria, you need to have gone for NYSC to get a full-time job. Applying for an internship after graduation puts the time you spend waiting for NYSC to productive use.

How To Apply For Internships After Graduation

  • Set goals and expectations for the internship period. Knowing what you hope to achieve will guide your application.
  • Make the most of search engines and job recruitment sites. Browse through job postings for internships on job sites, so you can discover the one suitable for you.
  • Stay active on social media. Most brands and companies broadcast internship opportunities on their websites and social media platforms. Follow brands you’ll love to work with on their social media platforms to stay up to date.
  • Sign up with job boards like HubforJobs at to be notified of available internship postings in your area.
  • Spread the word on your own social media. Tell someone to tell someone, that you are open to internship opportunities.
  • Reach out to the brands/companies you admire, directly. Send polite emails across to their hiring managers, and ask if there are any internship opportunities.
  • Draft out an impressive resume. Using the resume, apply to several companies, the more the better. This greatly increases your chances of getting an offer.

Especially if you’re not sure which career path to pursue yet, applying for an internship after graduation instead of searching for a full-time job, is the best option. Internships provide you an opportunity to learn and earn and build long-lasting connections in your industry. There’s your free guide to internships after graduation. Start applying today!

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