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All You Need to Know About the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform


The Expertnaire platform is a digital affiliate marketing platform that serves as an agency, connecting creators of digital products who want affiliates, with affiliates who are ready to sell them. The platform makes it easy for affiliate newbies to get gigs and acquire experience in the field before they stand on their own. It is a Nigerian-owned affiliate marketing platform founded by Toyin Omotoso.

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing where marketers promote a product for a company and receive a commission for every sale.

How Does Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketers who use the platform for business, are mandated to register with the sum of 10,000 naira. After your registration, you will be given a unique link to share with potential customers who want to make a purchase. The Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform pays you a commission for every purchase made on the platform using your link.

On the platform, users can either register to be Vendors or Affiliates


A vendor on Expertnaire is the same as a vendor in the physical marketplace. He registers with the platform and obtains clearance to promote his digital products on the platform. The registration fee for vendors is 25,000 naira. To become a vendor, you need to send an application to the platform’s official email address for vendors, [email protected]. Your application would be reviewed and accepted or rejected before you can go ahead with registration.

Vendors on the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing platform make their money when affiliates sell their products.


This is the most common one. To become an affiliate on Expertnaire and start promoting products from vendors for a price, you are only required to register with the 10,000 naira fee. As an affiliate on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform, you make money by getting referrals. Affiliates typically leverage social media to advertise the digital products they promote.

 When you become an affiliate on Expertnaire, you get paid a commission for every purchase made via your link – even yours. The commission is a set percentage of the total price of the product. The common commission rate is 10%, however, some sellers may give as much as 80% commission to Affiliates.

Steps to Create an Expertnaire Account

  1. Sign Up on the platform @ You should read the terms and conditions stipulated, carefully before you agree.
  2. Choose if you would like to be a vendor or an affiliate.

For an Affiliate

  1. Pay the 10,000 naira registration fee. Note: This is an annual subscription fee – your membership will be revoked any year you the payment.
  2. Select the digital products that are in demand among your target audience. You may choose to promote more products that offer high commissions, however, promoting fast-selling products will guarantee you more sales.

For Vendors

  1. Send your application to be a vendor to the official e-mail shared above.
  2. Your application should include:
  3. Your product’s sales page – you are to include just the URL.
  4. An assessment of the product’s quality, and possible reviews to back up your claim.
  5. The percentage commission you are offering affiliates
  6. A customer support contact information – this may be an e-mail address, Instagram handle, or WhatsApp link.
  7. After your application has been reviewed and approved, you may go ahead and pay the 25,000 naira registration fee.

Important Things to Note about the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform

  • Although the platform offers a 30 days refund policy to users who buy products, all payments made for registration are nonrefundable.
  • All payments made for products are paid to the platform – Expertnaire then disburses the funds to the concerned parties. Vendors are paid by Expertnaire – Affiliates too – however, people who make purchases on the platform pay to it.
  • Expertnaire charges a 10% commission for all products sold on the platform.
  • Vendors on the platform are paid every other Friday (every 2 weeks).
  • Affiliates are paid every Friday of the week that they make sales. Contrary to popular belief, you do not get paid every Friday, only on the weeks that you make sales.
  • Expertnaire only sells digital products, you cannot promote cosmetics or preorder bags, for example, on the platform.

Is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

As much as it sounds too good to be true, Expertnaire is not a scam. It only seems like one because there are a lot of false rumors that make it seem like fast money. Like every other career, affiliate marketing requires hard work, commitment, and consistency.

Can I learn to be a Successful Affiliate on the Platform?

Not at all. Expertnaire is a trading platform, not a training platform. While you can buy courses to get better at affiliate marketing from the platform, classes are not hosted on it. You can also buy the 72ig course compiled by the founder, Toyin Omotoso.

Can I make a Career out of Affiliate Marketing?

You can make a career out of anything if you invest time and effort in it – diligence will bring in the dollar bills. Affiliate marketing is hailed as lucrative because it is not capital-intensive, all you need is the 10,000 naira registration fee, a smartphone, and a stable network connection. At HubforJobs, we are committed to bringing the best career deals to your attention, and this is one of them – sign up to our job board for more.

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