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13 Relevant Jobberman Soft Skills Job Seekers Need

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No company wants an employee who will be annoying and difficult to work with, no matter how much of an expert they are at their job. To land a job in 2022 (and keep it), soft skills are a necessity. Soft skills are character traits and abilities that demonstrate that you have a great personality in addition to a terrific brain. They are non-technical skills and their effect is more felt than seen in a company. With the advancement in technology affording employees work flexibility, hiring companies are on the hunt for job seekers who have a beautiful blend of in-demand technical skills, and soft skills such as creativity and interpersonal relation skills. While some soft skills like emotional intelligence and leadership come naturally to some of us, the rest of us have to learn them. The good news is that there are platforms like Jobberman, where job seekers can learn soft skills for free.

Some Soft Skills Jobseeker can learn on Jobberman Include:

1. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are necessary to excel in a managerial position, an administrative role, and when overseeing a team in any organization. While some people are born natural leaders, it requires careful learning and training to be a good leader, and not a monopolist or a terrible manager. Although not everyone has the qualities of a great leader, with the right training, we can all learn to be good leaders.

2. Emotional Intelligence

This soft skill is great for keeping one’s mental health (and that of others under his leadership) in check. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize our private feelings, and how they affect others and manage them properly. This is an essential soft kill for employers and employees alike. Emotional intelligence is relevant in the workplace and everyday life to ensure that our emotions do not become hindrances to our growth and success.

3. Time Management

Time management is fundamental for productivity. Having good time management skills will help you get more quality work done in less time, and relieve your mind of the pressure of being overwhelmed with important tasks. Good time management circumvents unnecessary multitasking and helps you have a less stressful experience in the workplace every day.

4. Decision-making Skills

One problem Gen Z workers face is indecisiveness. Developing decision-making skills will help you learn prioritization, how to identify the better option in a dilemma, and make the right decision. When you have good decision-making skills, you will be able to get out of sticky situations faster and leverage opportunities better.

5. Conflict Resolution Skills

The workplace is filled with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities, who have different beliefs, and exhibit various behaviors – conflicts are inevitable. However, the quality of our work relationships is not in the absence of conflicts, but in how we respond to them. Developing good conflict resolution skills will help you minimize conflicts in the workplace, and resolve them amicably when they arise.

6. Problem-solving Skills

While accomplishing assigned tasks individually or as a team, encountering problems (sometimes complex, sometimes simple) is inevitable. Good problem-solving skills will help deliberate on effective solutions and get the problem dealt with in record time.

7. Team Work Ability

The success of any project is dependent on the collective effort of every team member. Hence, the ability to work effectively with a team cannot be overemphasized. Most people are self-starters and prefer to work independently, however, in an organization, every role is working to achieve a common goal – teamwork ability helps you share your ideas and have a conflict-free work life with your colleagues.

8. Communication Skills

Good verbal and written communication skills are essential skills. They come in handy in your relationship with employers, team members, and even clients. Developing good communication skills help you become better at human interaction, interviews, and presentations.

9. Organizational Skills

Planning and scheduling, are important parts of every employee’s work routine. Developing good organizational skills will help you track all tasks you have to attend to, and help you prioritize properly to increase work efficiency and productivity.

10. Creativity

Creativity especially comes in handy when pursuing a career in tech, or creative art and design. Workers who have great creative skills are always able to come up with fabulous ideas and innovations that help move the company forward.

11. Adaptability

Life is dynamic, and the times are constantly changing, new technology evolves daily, and new work policies are being adopted. Developing adaptability skills will help you be more receptive to changes to your work schedule, and to learning new things. This trait is necessary for career growth and development.

12. Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

In the course of carrying out relevant tasks, you may often encounter complex situations and incidents that threaten proper workflow. Developing critical thinking and analytical skills will help you sharpen your research skills and demystify problems so you can come up with solutions easily. When you analyze situations from different perspectives, you will have a clearer understanding of what is required to excel in them.

13. Networking Skills

Networking is a great way to stay relevant for the future. It doesn’t only come in handy when trying to land your first job but is also helpful in career growth. Networking skills include active listening, interpersonal relation and communication skills, and so on. Developing good networking skills will not only help you connect with others, but also help you develop and improve your skill set, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in your industry, and access relevant resources that will contribute to your career and personal growth.

Jobberman Soft Skills Training

You can access the Jobberman soft skills training on their website and get awarded certificates that are widely recognized. However, Jobberman recently launched its WhatsApp and Telegram bots so that job seekers can access the training without consuming too much data. That means you can start the course, answer assessment questions, and get the Jobberman soft skills certification on your favorite social media platform for as low as 200 megabytes of data.

How to Present Soft Skills on your Resume

Although soft skills are in demand, just listing them on your resume is not enough to convince employers that you have them. When presenting soft skills in your resume, you should show how they came in handy in the accomplishments you have made in your career so far.

Learn a Soft Skill Today

In our world today, where skills and experience are prioritized over qualifications, acquiring soft skills in addition to technical skills will make you stand out from the crowd and be more relevant.

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